Our staff writers at Golf News Line are extremely passionate about golf, and pride themselves on providing the best content on the Internet.

Editor in Chief
Jerry Herring
Jerry is an avid golfer himself, mainly oversees the content management of Golf News Line.
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Associate Editor
Gillian Curran
A quick word on Gillian: “I love to play golf in rugged weather.” Gillian’s favorite tournament? You might guess, the British Open.  Gillian writes many articles, mainly on equipment but also serves as an editor to make sure our content meets a certain standard before our fans read it.
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Staff Writer
Larry Sy
Larry writes mainly on new equipment coming out.  He enjoys trying out the latest driver, iron, hybrid, and reports back with this findings.
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Staff Writer
Samuel Undicimo
Sam is a talented and certainly one of our most productive writers. Covering primarily tour news and technology tidbits, you will see Sam’s name on a wide variety of topics.
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Staff Writer
Jason Thompson
Jason is the traveler in our group. Safe to assume, most all articles on Travel, are written by Jason.
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