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Enjoy Winter Golf at Estoril Golf Course


Playing golf during winter months has become widely accepted and more popular. In the suburb of Lisbon in Portugal, easily accessible from the Lisbon International Airport and just two hours from one of the finest cities in Europe lies Estoril Coast where golfers can experience and enjoy sunshine all year-long.

Estoril Coast in Portugal is endowed with superb hotels and restaurants, large beaches with beautiful sands, big casinos, and vast shopping areas. Having seven excellently laid out golf courses with a year-round of good weather, it is therefore a great golf travel destination. Tourist-golfers will have lots of options to enjoy the quality of the courses whether they are on a golf vacation, spending some time off work, having school vacations or just enjoying a simple holiday break.

Estoril Golf Course is a classic course laid out close along the coast showing off the charm of the old world from way back 1930s. Designed by Mackenzie Ross, it may be a bit short compared with modern standard course distances but every golf shot in this course would require challenge and skill to map the way around. Several holes are excellently designed and positioned to provide tests and challenges during the golf game.

Golfers will surely enjoy every step within the best greens of the world as they roam around accompanied by the wonderful aroma of eucalyptus, pine and mimosa trees. The natural scenery simply provides the peace and relaxation which is what almost everyone looks for in any travel vacation.

The new features added to the course are the motorway and bridge where golfers have to cross midway during the round. Not many courses offer the same which takes you after the 8th hole and brings you back for the 16th hole.

The temperature from October to March averages around 20 degrees. These are warm, dry and sunny days which is best suited for golfing. Night time however is a bit chilly at around 8 to 10 degrees but thanks to the new base layer clothing technology, this won’t be a problem any longer.

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Things to Consider When Planning Your Golf Travel Vacation

Golf travel vacation is possible at any time of the year. Yes, it is, if you are willing to travel. Remember that it could be rainy in one part of the world while it is entirely dry to some other parts. Some parts could be winter while other parts are summer. Having golf vacation in mind, consider the following tips as you plan and prepare your next golf trip.

First, it is not bad to seek help from travel professionals like golf travel companies. There are lots of travel packages you can choose from and find one that fits your desired destination or the type of experience you want to achieve.

Next, prioritize what is more important for you. Is the quality of the golf resort and facilities more important or what other amenities are you looking for? Some tourists want to play golf at daytime then go to casino or spa at night time. What about you?

You should be realistic when it comes to budgeting since it is very important. Setting a budget early on will help you plan out right. And also, stick to your budget and do not overspend to avoid problems, regret or disturbances later on.

Fourth, conduct a research about your destination. Your research items must include the local language used in your prospective destination, its culture and climate as well. See yourself walking in there, imagine what you have to know and gather information about the place.

Lastly, come up with an itinerary. Make a schedule and be determined to follow it. You can include exploring other hotel amenities, going out and explore the location or visit other sceneries and tourist spots. Scheduling enables you to maximize your time and get the most out of your vacation.

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Dubai Golf Courses

Night time at an Arab country may feel mysterious and enchanted but the day brings a sense of freshness and renewal especially for golf travelers in Dubai. First class golf courses offer unique facilities and unmatched hospitality fused with uniquely laid out holes, magnificent sceneries of the desert and rich fairways for golf enthusiasts coming from all over the world.

More and more corporate professionals choose to include golfing as part of their business itinerary or corporate programs. The Managing Director of Dubai Golf, Rod Bogg says, “We have fabulous golfing facilities in Dubai. We have some of the best courses in the world and without doubt some of the best clubhouses.”

One example is the Dubai Creek Golf and Yacht Club with the awesome view of the shoreline and uniquely designed clubhouse. The 18-hole golf course offering a par-72 covers over 6,800 acres and is located along the well-known Dubai Creek.

The Emirates Golf Club which was the home of the PGA European Tour Dubai Desert Classic attracts both golfer- and non-golfer tourists worldwide. The first grass course in the Persian Gulf area is the par-72 Majlis Championship Course which spans over 7,100 yards. The course’s highlight is its 8th hole which tests the golfers’ skills in driving the ball in an uphill turf.

Two golf courses are housed within the Abu Dhabi Golf Club by Sheraton, The National Course and The Garden Course. Both professionals and budding golfers will surely enjoy these course layouts designed by Peter Harradine. The 18-holes are carefully laid and blended with the natural desert setting with scattered palms, lakes and bunkers. Other amenities include night time golfing, practice driving ranges and personal coaching. Shopaholics will surely enjoy the Pro Shop while other wellness enthusiasts can spend time at the different fitness facilities like fitness gym, pools, tennis, as well as other facilities.

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Golf Vacation in Carolinas


Golf vacations and other sporting activities start from the desire of spending good time with family and friends, to bond and have fun. One important factor to consider when planning a travel vacation is the destination itself. It can make or break the purpose. The Carolinas carry within itself several world class golf destinations. To name some:

The Reserve at Pawleys Island, South Carolina boasts about its award winning design made by Greg Norman. It also offers a plush coastal golf experience. Located in New London is the well situated and easily accessible Old North State Club which offers the best urban retreat plus many other amenities.

World renowned Arnold Palmer designed the Musgrove Mill located in Clinton, South Carolina. This club offers a classic golf experience in dream destinations including the Pine Valley or Bandon Dunes while situated in Greensboro, North Carolina is the popular Sedgefield Country Club which was the venue of the PGA Tour’s Wyndham Championship.

When planning to go on other activities like camping while enjoying golf, the best place to visit is the Sandhills in North Carolina. The Talamore Golf Resort in Sandhills houses two excellent quality golf courses: the Talamore Golf Club and the Mid South Club, both of which are just minutes away from the historic Pinehurst.

The Talamore Golf Club was designed by Architect Rees Jones to be eye catching while incomparably enjoyable. Golf Digest recognized this course as one of the top five new courses in America since its opening in 1991. The Mid South Club offers a scene of magnificence and tranquility. Also designed by Palmer together with Ed Seay in 1993, the sister resort of the Talamore Golf Club is one of the most attractive private residential golf spots in the Carolinas.

These are just few of what Carolinas have to offer. Rest assured, exploring the golf courses in both North and South Carolina will not get you and your loved ones disappointed.

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A Look at the Hotel de Saint-Saens

The increasing airline fares fused with other costs set limit to what may be your best golf travel vacation in Europe, particularly in France. Some airlines offer cheaper fares but more often, add on costs incur from additional charges for carriages like golf bags, record high in passengers and other taxes.

One option for overseas golf travel vacation without having all these additional charges is through the use of Eurotunnel. Thirty five minutes is all you need to cross from Calais to Folkestone. The travel is easy and you won’t have to check-in two hours prior to the time of departure. Some packages are also offered wherein you can avail of some freebies during travel.

Good value deal is not the only thing France can boast of that can entice golf tourists. This part of Europe is also rich with the finest world-class golf courses.

Aside from the very popular Le Touquet and Hardelot, France is also the home of Golf Hotel de Saint-Saens. The resort is such a nice place to visit during holiday breaks offering the peace and relaxation you cannot find in other travel destinations. You will find more cyclists than cars in the surrounding roads that bring a more serene feeling.

Upon arrival at the golf resort, warm and skilled receptionists will assist you in the procedures so you won’t have to bother about language difference. The procedure is very quick because they value the time of their clients. Golfers are less likely to be late during tee-times since the entrance to the chateau is just stone’s throw away.

Any golfer will not take long before he can say that Golf Hotel de Saint-Saens is an enjoyable place and would want to visit again. The course may not be the longest in the world but the layout and architecture demands for accuracy and good course management. Each hole has a different feel and will surely put your golf skills to test. The dazzling chateau which frames the 18th hole and its surrounding greens will lock your eyesight as it offers an awesome feeling while completing the round.

Experience the stunning Saint-Saens and you will find yourself going back in one of France’s hidden gems.

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More Ideas about Your Golf Travel Bag Covers

Golf travel bag cover is usually one of the most important yet forgotten among golf accessories. They started out as basic plastic covers with hole provisions to fill the strap of your bag during carriage. But such doesn’t serve the purpose of protecting your golf equipment against dirt, rain or even damage. So, golf travel bag covers have evolved into various options and design nowadays.

In choosing your golf travel bag cover, consider what type of protection you want to provide your equipment and the convenience it brings. Most models now come with wheels to help you transport your golf equipment. The very best protection you can find are those with hard side covers. The disadvantage though is its weight and bulkiness. The size and inflexibility usually require space which can be a problem during travels requiring car rentals.

One good brand of golf travel bag cover available in the market is the Club Glove. They have several models to choose from all, of which come with sturdy wheels. The base is a hard sided part while a very tough fabric assembles the top portion. The cover is also collapsible when the golf clubs are not in for easy storage and fitting small spaces.

Sure enough, there may be other available brands but Club Glove would be a good benchmark during purchase.

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The Need for Golf Travel Cancellation Insurance

When planning a golf travel vacation, the usual things paid for are transportation, lodging and golf fees. Little do people realize the importance of golf travel cancellation insurance. It could be something that is overlooked or deliberately left behind because one’s focus is on the upcoming trip fully optimistic that the trip will be completed. There are also people whose personality is to disregard negative thoughts believing that it is the right way of thinking.

Whatever the case may be, all travelers must fully understand the provisions as well as the financial implications that the purchase comes along with prior to paying any amount of deposit. For business reasons, it is understandable for tour business operators to impose strict penalties and costs for cancellations. Such rigorous cancellation terms usually happen during peak travel seasons like summer.

Golf travel cancellation insurance commonly costs about 6 to 7.5% of the total value of the package being purchased. This may vary depending on the consumer’s age and other features like reimbursements for delayed luggage or medical expenses. All of these depend on the company’s policies or terms and conditions.

The best thing any golf traveler can do is to verify and understand the financial commitments of both sides before purchasing any package or trip. Evaluate yourself also if you can willingly accept the loss of a certain amount in case the travel won’t pursue due to any reason. If you think you can comfortably accept the loss, travel insurance may not really be an advantage for you. But, having just a mere thought of it makes you feel sorry and feel bad, then golf travel cancellation insurance is something that is highly recommended.

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Golf Vacation in San Diego

If you are contemplating on having a golf vacation treat for you and your family somewhere near Southern California, San Diego is a good place to consider. The county boasts of several beautifully designed golf courses and grand resorts like Rancho Bernardo Inn and Resort, Torrey Pines, Grand Del Mar Resort, Double Tree, Coronado Golf Course and Sycuan Golf and Tennis Resort.

Apart from the very fine golf courses they boast of, the weather in San Diego perfectly fits golf playing anytime of the year. The average temperature in the county’s greater area is a pleasant 72 degrees Fahrenheit with sunshine all year round. You might ask, does it ever rain over there? Yes, it does, but not long. An average rainfall would last just a few minutes. Whoa! Adding to your delight is the ocean breeze that seems to be ever presently soothing to the nerves and which is also the reason behind the pleasant climate.

If you think that the description may seem appealing only for golf enthusiasts, you’ve got to read on. What about the rest of the family members? San Diego is indeed a vacation spot fitting to all family members. The county is prominent of its more than 70 miles of oceanfront and beaches and other leisure opportunities kids and non-golfers would enjoy. It offers many sights and sounds all over the area. You can find within the county the Titanium Valley where golf clubs are manufactured as well as the Balboa Park or why not try the Segway Tour of La Joya.

These are just some of the things you and your family can experience while enjoying the vacation. Go and have fun while building your relationships.

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Muskoka, Golf Haven in Ontario

Planning a golf vacation in Muskoka is indeed an awesome golf treat for you and your loved ones. This haven is just unbelievable with hundreds of giant lakes, rivers, forests and remarkably laid out golf courses with rock formations protruding up and out of the courses’ fairways. They are just marvelous spots in Ontario, Canada.

If not, the National Geographic Traveler Magazine wouldn’t have chosen Muskoka as a must-see locale of the year. They wouldn’t have declared it as one of the top destinations worldwide in-line with other destinations in London and Iceland.

Golfing in Muskoka is an extraordinary experience as its landscape is. The topography fits just perfectly for the sport and is also the reason why the place is home to very prominent golf courses. Found here are Deerhurst Highlands, Bigwin Island and The Ridge at Manitou, to name a few.

The Oak Bay located in Honey Harbor is one of the newest. Its 17th hole is a very prominent feature which is spectacularly designed that plays par 3, straight across the water, leading to a green and hovers to a large piece of granite.

The Muskoka Bay Club located in Gravenhurst and designed by world renowned Doug Carrick was chosen as the best new course in Canada after it opened in 2006. The course can be a golfer’s enemy with 7,400 yards of distance with an amusing 349-yard par 4, 4th hole which has a pond and sand skirts. Some other holes are also amazingly designed.

With all these wonderful sceneries and much-anticipated fun, many courses in Muskoka also offer green fees that are half the price of what other prominent courses offer. What a great golf travel destination indeed!

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Golf Travel Vacation Destinations

Summer season is a great time to go out and enjoy quality time with the family and close friends. One summer adventure worth considering is going into a golf travel vacation where all members of the family can love. Daddy can practice golfing while mom takes time off to relax and enjoy the sceneries. The children can enjoy the different amenities offered by the course. What a happy time indeed!

Picking your golf travel destination must be carefully done so the family won’t get disappointed. But, this isn’t difficult at all since you can find the best golf destinations in the different states across the US like Florida, Arizona, California, North and South Carolina, and Nevada.

If you want to go outside the US for a change, the next place to look at is Europe where Portugal and Spain boast about their superb golf courses. If your budget permits you to, the Caribbean is also a good destination to consider. On the other hand, places like the Dominican Republic, Jamaica and Barbados also reflects good feedback when it comes to golf opportunities. Groups of people and families loved them because a lot of other activities are available to choose from for non-golfing visitors.

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