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Modern VRS Covert Driver by Nike Golf

VRS Covert Driver By Nike GolfNike Golf’s never-ending effort to provide its customers with innovative products is once again proven at the Global Innovation Summit held in Orlando, Florida. The event hosted by the company was filled with modern technology and innovative designs which have also become the talk-of-the-industry. Historically, Nike Golf is the first company that produced the high-speed cavity back drivers that conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Adding to the company’s long list of dependable products is the new VRS Covert driver, the design and engineering of which put the customers in awe. The new driver’s FlexLoft adjustability system allows the user to change lofts and face angles easily, at any time. This single driver can provide up to fifteen different options giving golfers wider chances of meeting their swing characteristics and needs.

The Global Golf Club Business Director of Nike Golf, Rob Arluna, boasts of their new product, saying, “With the VRS Covert, we have created a game changing piece of technology that has already begun a growing industry buzz. It is visually exciting, it feels and sounds amazing and, most importantly, it creates powerful results with a high degree of control. Golfers and our Nike Golf Tour athletes are going to have a lot of fun with this driver.”

The overall design of the new driver delivers more stability, higher energy, farther distance and greater control during and after impact. All these are aside from its visually pleasing and easy adjustment features. The VRS Covert driver will be available in golf stores by early 2013.

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Does Golf Technology Helps or Ruins the Game?

Discussions about golf technology do not seem to stop in the past few years particularly as to whether technology enhanced golf equipment really help or ruin golf as a sport. This article is written to take a closer look on the good and bad sides of golf technology.

On the good side, technology enhanced golf equipment helps both the novice and professional golfers. It has become easier for a player to hit a ball to a farther distance thus enabling the weaker players to obtain better scores. The shape and weight of modern golf clubs also minimize errors and sometimes, they even ‘correct’ some errors incurred by the golfer.

Another positive attribute of golf technology is the style it projects. Fashionable titanium drivers, irons that are forged and weighted plus the intricately designed putters, all these bring added beauty and appeal to the eyes.

However, golf technology also has its downside. One is cost. Golf equipment nowadays isn’t cheap. A budding golfer with a tight budget will have difficulty affording a complete set of the latest drivers, irons and balls. Aside from the fact that new lines of equipment are launched by manufacturers almost every year.

It is also becoming an outcry that technology worsens the skills of the golfers. Modern equipment are designed to be more forgiving thus it sort of gives leeway for errors. These errors may no longer be observed and therefore, cannot be corrected.

Each side seems to be true and makes sense. One thing that needs emphasis is that, golf technology indeed helps but a good accurate shot is not produced by the equipment itself. Golfers need to keep working on their skills and work side by side with technology to achieve the best golfer that he can be.

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A Guide to Your GPS Devices

Golf GPS devices have become a necessity among today’s golf players. These devices help players navigate through the vast course while locating the next hole and golf ball. From the former large and bulky devices, newer model types are available like handhelds, lightweight, multi-functional, integrated and some of which are tiny voice-enabled wearable models.

If you are planning to purchase one for your own use, you have to consider what kind of data would you need. Each golfer has their own necessities and requirements when playing. Ask yourself how extensive the information you expect is. An entry level GPS device would be enough if all you need is the simple number of yardages from a certain direction. Otherwise, you can consider purchasing the handheld ones that features overhead maps to know the distance from any point as well as other information. Knowing what information to process will lead you to the right type of device.

The size of the device is also an important consideration. To help you evaluate, you have to consider the method you travel around the golf course. If you go with a golf cart, smaller devices aren’t a requisite at all. There are inexpensive GPS devices that can be easily mounted to the golf cart. However, if you go with a carry bag with you, slim and lightweight devices are much preferable. Try also considering wristwatch-like GPS models.

Lastly, make sure that your device carries the information about your favorite course. You wouldn’t want a device that has not mapped the course you are playing in; otherwise, you wouldn’t be happy at all.

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Virtual Golfing

Golf is a sport loved by many. It is also a sport that requires a good amount of money from equipment costs, green fees, membership fees, transportation costs, and the like. The good news is, there are now several ways to enjoy playing golf without having to neither leave your home nor be a member of any golf course. The answer is, virtual golfing.

Playing golf virtually is now possible through the use of apps. Numerous mobile applications can now be used to play golf when waiting or riding a train or bus. Though the mobile apps in mobile phones or tablets are not as powerful and as detailed as what you have installed in your desktop computer, its format and features come in no way less than the other. The touch screen interface of your mobile device allows you to virtually hit the ball by swiping the screen.

Many computer games found in the market also allow you to play golf at home through the use of game consoles or PCs. If you happen to find a computer software game entitled Tiger Woods, it is more likely a golf game itself.

Wii-Mote allows you to play golf by swinging the remote and using the motion sensor to pick things up. Its shape is designed like a stick to mimic playing with the use of a golf club. Another way is through the use of Kinect. Its motion capture capability is more impressive than Wii though the latter gives you the feel of using a golf club when playing. Another downside of using Kinect is its limited version of games compared to the several you can find for Wii.

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Golfers Gain With New Golf Clubs

Technology has greatly influenced the way golf equipment is designed and manufactured. Golf clubs nowadays have superb characteristics.

As what senior Iowa Men’s Golfer, Steve Ihm, said, “My driver has more than 100 different settings on it. I can do things like add or remove weights or change the loft. There really isn’t a single thing that you can’t change.”

Golf clubs are no longer the same as they were. Drivers now have several options which golfers can choose from to help them achieve the distances they aim for. Different weights can be fastened into the club to meet the desired output. Loft angles can be adjusted to affect the ball as wanted. Driver heads are using the principles of aerodynamics to boost club speed and go against wind resistances.

Jeff Moore, Finkbine’s Director of Golf, said, “Clubs changed more in the late-90s and early 2000s than they have in recent years. With the way that clubs can be adjusted, someone who doesn’t hit certain clubs as well can make changes so they can hit them better.”

Since new lines of equipment are released every now and then, golfers also tend to change equipment often. Hawkeye Ian Vandersee changes wedges twice-, and irons once in a year since he wears them down quickly. Even then, he doesn’t get any trouble adjusting his swing to the new equipment. “I don’t think that people understand how incredible golf technology is. There are engineers working on clubs to get the specifications down to a ‘T.’ Any player can get exactly what he wants in a club,” he said.

Indeed, the Iowa Men’s Golf players seem to have the right clubs they need to achieve their best potentials.

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Golf Equipment that Revolutionized the Game

Golf technology has revolutionized the world golfers play in. Balls made of wound balata, persimmon wood clubs and shafts made of hickory can no longer be found in the golf courses and are just part of the sport’s history.

The most modern golf equipment nowadays is made by the biggest manufacturers of golf equipment. TaylorMade metal woods had been used long time ago but not until 1979 did it successfully hit the commercial market. Gary Adams and his team launched back then the Pittsburgh Persimmon driver. It was a stainless steel driver with a 120 cast that gave the golfers new perspective about drivers. Jim Simons used the Pittsburgh Persimmon when he won the Crosby Clambake in the 1982 PGA Tour.

The first Ping putter was invented by Karsten Solheim in 1959. Seven years after which, Anser putter was launched and is now the most renowned and frequently used putter design. Putters by Ping were used in over 500 winning professional golf tournaments in the different parts of the world. All these exclude other brands which used the derived designs from Anser.

The world’s most spoken-of golf ball is the Titleist Pro-V1 which was launched in 2000. The Pro-V1 changed the way golf balls are constructed. Its core was filled with liquid instead of wound rubber bands. This golf ball reaped an immediate success when Billy Andrade used the same ball when he won the PGA Tour on the same year. The Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls have been part of over 1,700 winning golf tournaments worldwide.

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Terms Used in Golf Technology

Golf is a well-loved sport involving terms non-technical people would find hard to understand.

Callaway’s Senior Vice President for Research and Development, Jeff Colton, and its Vice President for Golf Ball Research and Development, Steve Ogg, extends their time and effort to help readers understand some technical terms commonly used in golf.

The Moment of Inertia (MOI) described non-technically can be expressed as: the higher MOI of a clubhead leads to a ball traveling straighter and farther. Ogg said, “MOI is a concept at the heart of many recent innovations in golf equipment, from drivers to golf balls to putters. Increasing a golf ball’s MOI also optimizes its spin rate and accuracy. This is a concept Callaway Golf embraced when it changed the way its balls are constructed, moving from the traditional single-core golf ball to a dual core structure.”

Perimeter Weighting was defined by Colton as, “It improves positioning of the club at impact and enables straighter shots – something that benefits golfers at all levels.” He also added that Callaway Golf used this principle in the development of their most technologically advanced driver, the FT-IQ. Traditionally, the weight of the clubhead is heavier in the center and back but with perimeter weighting, the weight is repositioned to the edges and perimeter of the clubhead to gain higher MOI making it more forgiving as it hits.

Variable Face Thickness is the adjustment of the clubface’s thickness to maximize ball speed for longer distance and more forgiveness. Colton explained that, “In irons, variable face thickness can lower the center of gravity for optimum trajectory with each iron in the set. This delivers a higher launch angle in the long irons and better trajectory height in short irons and wedges.”

Lastly, Center of Gravity is the point where the weight of an object is balanced in all dimensions. Colton also discussed that, “In a golf club, a lower center of gravity that is farther away from the clubface results in a higher shot trajectory, a result desired by many golfers.” Custom fitting of golf clubs can help optimize the golfer’s swing trajectory.

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What’s Up in Golf Technology?

Technology changed the many facets of our lives in a wonderful way. While it is true that technology has its downsides also, we can never deny the fact that we are living comfortably and enjoying life as we do, all because of the help of technology. The application of technology is just found everywhere and at anytime, including in the world of golf.

Golf technology has changed the way the golf games go, also wonderfully. It has helped players to stay on the competition longer than the previous generations. Both amateurs and professionals alike reap the benefits technology has conveyed into the golf world.

Golf club manufacturers found through research that a golf ball’s trajectory path can be tracked and examined using a launch monitor. As the ball is hit, the launch monitor observes its impact, it launch angle and up until it reaches the highest trajectory then until the ball hits the ground. The device was manufactured and made available to more golfers. It allows the players to have a scientific basis for the right combination and equipment specifications during club fitting. This technology allowed more golfers to come out with longer shots using drivers with bigger loft angles which is in contrary to what golfers believe in the past.

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Golf Technology Brings Golfers Close to Majors

Rory McIlroy was put in controversy when the young Northern Irish golfer claimed that golf technology allows weaker players to win major titles or if not, close to it. The statement was made on the eve of the USPGA Championship. The past 16 majors have produced 16 different winners including McIlroy and some of the other winners also came out as unexpected winners.

McIlroy, who has been known by the public for his honest opinions, said, “I’m just happy to be part of that group of 16. I think the reason is like this, fields are much deeper. Partly because the guys have just got better and have worked hard; they are putting more into the game physically, mentally, practice, technical, everything. But I think one of the big things is the technology. I think 25 years ago you had the really good players that could play with basically anything and nowadays the technology lets maybe some of the lesser players catch up with the better players. And I think that’s why you see so many more guys winning these days.”

Different golf tournament associations have taken action in the recent years by expressing their contention to the advancement of golf technology, particularly with the specifications released along the newer golf balls and clubs.

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Adams Golf Releases New Driver Technology

Adams Golf recently released the new generation of drivers with revolutionized technology, the Speedline Tech Driver.
The 6G aerodynamic technology led to the Speedline Tech’s shape that gives golfers a better swing speed and longer distances. The enhancement is through the help of the driver’s aerodynamically designed size, slope and curves that allows the club to cut through air faster.

To meet the personal requirements of each golfer, quick and easy customization of the clubs are provided by the driver’s FASTfit Adjustability feature. The club’s hosel can be easily be tuned by adjusting the screws and rotating the club head to fit the golfer’s required specifications. Loft angles are also adjustable up to ±1 degree.

Based on intensive research, Adam’s Golf found that most golfers put the impact in the clubface’s high toe area towards the center then to its low heel area. Thus, the innovative 3DS Face Technology is designed to provide the best spin when launched on the hitting zones of the clubface subsequently producing 54% more accurate and 11 yards longer shots. The driver is also constructed using multiple lightweight materials. The titanium chassis is attached with carbon-fiber wings producing a lighter club that gives golfers easy swings and better performances.

All these confirmed what Tim Reed, the Vice President of Research and Development said. That is, “We used advanced construction methods and made refinements to driver technologies that we’ve developed over time to make this our most customizable and best performing driver for golfers of all skill levels. It’s easy for the golfer to make adjustments and find their perfect ball flight while achieving even higher swing speeds and more distance through our aerodynamic shaping.”

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