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Tiger Woods: “Getting back to No. 1 will take time.”

Two years after losing the world number 1 title, Tiger Woods admits that getting back the number 1 rank may take some time. The title is currently held by Rory McIlroy after winning the USPGA championship plus other consecutive winning tournaments in the FedEx Cup.

Woods admitted that he’s got to win to hold the title back. He said, “Rory is playing a lot of events, and so am I, toward the beginning of the year. It’s about winning golf tournaments. That’s how I got to No. 1, that’s how Rory got to No. 1. You’ve got to win golf tournaments, and when you don’t, you’ve got to be consistent and finish high. I’m looking forward to that.”

Though Woods won three US tournaments this year, his trademark of winning consistently was hardly seen. “Things are progressing nicely. Last year I was 127th on the money list, this year I was second. So I think that’s pretty good improvement in a year. And given that I’m healthy, I’m really looking forward to next year,” he shared.

McIlroy is the first rightful competitor of Woods who is more than 13 years younger. Woods said that time will only tell if the golfer from Northern Ireland is the best opponent he ever had. “Trust me, I’ve played against a lot of guys over the years that have been really good. All these guys have won two to four major championships during the time that I’ve been on tour. And Rory has too, but he’s still young. He’s only 23 years old. Let him grow, let him develop over the next decade. He’s still learning how to play the game. He’s only going to get better with age,” he said.

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McIlroy Keeps His Silence about Equipment Deal

Rory McIlroy's Contract
Heated rumors that world number one golfer Rory McIlroy is up for a new equipment deal keep on flooding the world of golf recently. Hearsay keeps coming out that the world renowned golfer is jumping out of Titleist in favor of Nike Golf.

To these, McIlroy says, “I have my management company deal with endorsements and everything like that. I’m just here to concentrate on golf this week, and I’ve got enough to think about trying to get that ball in the hole. So no further comment on that.” The golfer is playing at the BMW Masters in Shanghai, China. “These rumors have been going around for years, and it seems to always come up at this time of year,” he added.

Several reports also divulge that Nike is pursuing McIlroy for a 10-year exclusive deal which is also speculated to be worth around $250 million. TaylorMade was also reported to be after the two-time major champion. Though it is still not clear as to when the golfer’s contract with Titleist expires.

Both Titleist and Nike also keep their silence regarding the rumors. Titleist spokesperson says they do not talk about contracts with players while a Nike spokesperson said, “We are not going to comment on rumors or speculation.”
All these hearsays peaked up all the more when Nike’s Tiger Woods and McIlroy started having good friendship.

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Prolonged Rivalry Foreseen Between Tiger and Rory

Tiger Woods versus Rory McIlroy

Tiger Woods was said to have found his good match through the person of Rory McIlroy and he believes that the rivalry between them will last quite long, that is, it may be over a decade.

Tiger, the 14-time major winner, will go and play against Rory, currently world number one, in an exhibition game at the Jinsha Lake, Zhengzhou. The two also had a tough fight at the World Golf Final in Turkey but Tiger eventually turned out winning over Rory with a six stroke difference.

Currently world number two, Tiger is so excited to meet Rory for another exhilarating golf game. Rory is foreseen to be the “next Tiger Woods” by many golf followers. “We’ve all seen how talented Rory is. It’ll be fun to battle him for the next decade or so and hopefully we’ll have many battles to come,” says Tiger.

“It’s going to be a lot of fun going head to head with Rory. I enjoy head-to-head events so it’s great to do this in China. China is a growing market and what they’ve done in golf over the past decade or so is incredible. China is young in golf terms but rising fast, especially with the sport joining the Olympics,” Tiger added.

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Similarities between Golf’s Tiger and Rory

The American Tiger Woods is with no doubt a living legend in the golf world. He did a remarkable history winning four-straight majors between the US Open and the Masters, in 2000 and 2001, respectively. With all due respect, Tiger Woods is Tiger Woods. There can only be one Tiger Woods in the world of golf.

But, since the Northern Irishman Rory McIlroy seems to be moving with a similar direction as what Tiger took, we cannot negate the comparisons going on between the two. Here are some notable similarities between their experiences:

Both golfers experienced dominant major championship victories. That is, Tiger won the 1997 Masters while Rory in the 2011 US Open. These are considered trial periods and were described as adjustment phases since Tiger won only once in the 1998 season while Rory missed four out of five cuts.

The two players came out from their respective experiences with very astonishing victories. Tiger held off Sergio Garcia in the 1999 PGA at Medinah while McIlroy finished up leading by eight shots at Kiawah Island.

Both Tiger and Rory made their stances even stronger by bagging their follow up wins for second majors. Tiger won the tournament which is now called the Bridgestone Invitational just two weeks after his first one followed by another four consecutive wins at different tournaments in the same season, and immediately another two victories for the succeeding season. McIlroy, on the other hand, did a back-to-back to win at the Deutche Bank and BMW after his US Open victory, locking up in his record the honor of being the Player of the Year.

Aren’t these two golfers interesting? Yes, Tiger and Rory definitely are. Let us just all wait and see what these two have in the near future.

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Rory McIlroy’s and Louis Oosthuizen’s Swings Compared

Rory McIlroy outlasted Louis Oosthuizen in Monday’s final round of the Deutsche Bank Championship. The two were paired for two straight days, and we got to watch more than just a fantastic duel. We got to watch two of the sweetest swings in golf.

I asked about a dozen PGA Tour players after their rounds at TPC Boston on Labor Day: Who has the better swing, McIlroy or Oosthuizen, and why?

Tough question. The pros weighing in had a hard time picking (two of them were even offended and a little defensive when asked), but in this contest Oosthuizen beat out McIlroy by a decisive margin.

“Both have great attributes, and they’re quite different,” said Adam Scott, whose swing is also considered one of the best on Tour. “I’ll say Rory only because I think he’s going to be able to hit a few more kinds of shots, but Louis’ swing is beautiful.”

Oosthuizen, the sweet-swinging South African, has a simple and compact swing, which many consider the most fundamentally sound on the Tour.

Jim Furyk, known for his unconventional action, opted to stay neutral, but he spoke of his appreciation for both swings.

“Louis has power, but he’s also extremely rhythmic,” said Furyk. “He hits the ball both ways. I don’t know if there’s (a swing) fundamentally better in the world.

“Rory hits the ball right-to-left, and I don’t see him cut the ball much, but he’s more explosive and has the ability to really light it up when he gets hot.”

Added Chris Kirk, whose natural ball flight is a sweeping, high draw: “They’re both so good, it’s hard to pick. I bet everyone is saying that. With Rory being more of a draw-er and Louis more of a fader, I think I can relate more to Rory’s swing, and it’s what I wish my swing were more like.”

Keegan Bradley said he admired their swings for different reasons. “I like Rory’s because it’s powerful, and I like Louis’ because it’s so consistent.”

World No. 2 Luke Donald echoed the rest and said it was obviously difficult to pick between the two, but he gave Oosthuizen the edge “in terms of sound mechanics.”

“I like Louis’,” said Donald. “I just feel like it’s so up and down. It looks so simple and repetitive.”

Bo Van Pelt had a front-row seat to Oosthuizen’s swing because they were paired together the first two rounds in Boston.

“You’re splitting hairs,” said Van Pelt, with a smile as he signed autographs. “But I’ll say Louis. I think the ball doesn’t curve that much, and I love his rhythm. It never looks like he forces it. Rory hits it a ton, but he looks like he tries harder to hit it that far.

“Whereas I played with Louis, and it looked like he was going 80 percent. His power is very efficient.”

McIlroy averages 310 yards on drives measured in PGA Tour rounds this season, a tie for sixth with Dustin Johnson in the Driving Distance stat. Though Oosthuizen has a smaller build compared to the world No. 1, he’s not far behind, averaging 298.9 yards off the tee.

Fellow South African Ernie Els, nicknamed “The Big Easy” for his effortless and fluid swing, picked Oosthuizen, echoing Van Pelt’s comments.

“Thing of beauty, both of them,” said Els. “I think Rory goes after it harder than Louis does. It’s hard to make negative on either swing. Louis is a little smaller than Rory, but he generates unbelievable power without trying. With Rory it looks like he’s really cracking a whip.”

The 2012 British Open champion smiled and added: “And I’m probably biased.”

Read more: http://www.golf.com/tour-and-news/rory-mcilroy-louis-oosthuizen-golf-swing-comparison#ixzz28lZPdDPk

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McIlroy’s Sources of More Potentials Unleashed

When Rory McIlroy won the 2011 US Open by eight strokes, he was tagged as the next big thing in the golf world. This was something to reckon with especially in the sport dominated by Tiger Woods. But then it suddenly became, “Oops!”

The 23-year-old well-liked young man suddenly had a series of terrible performances at major events plus experiences of almost winning games but ended up collapsing. Irritability became obvious when issues about his relationship with the equally well-known tennis player Caroline Wozniacki were put on the limelight.

All these made Rory reflect about himself and realized that he lost his discipline in practice and physical workout in the earlier part of the year. He happened to be derailed by the distractions and endorsement opportunities that went his way after winning his first major. Now, he is more focused and working harder to achieve his goals.

Back on the right track, even more potential is seen in the life and career of Rory. He is advised to continue practicing despite all the great shots he has done in history. Tiger was and is number one because no one practices as hard as him. Commitment to the sport must also increase to a higher level since it leads golfers to more winnings.

Rory must also maintain his boy-next-door charm that connects to both media and fans. He can sign more autographs and smile while waving at them. Discipline and character must always be at the highest level not just for golfers but to all athletes. Fame, money and fortune must not hold any champion’s heart but he must remain as the warm-hearted Rory that he is.

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McIlroy, Motivated by Doubters

The 23-year-old Rory McIlroy proved his doubters wrong after winning the USPGA Championship with eight shots ahead and breaking the seven-shot record of Jack Nicklaus in the same event way back in the 1970s. McIlroy gave a performance matching that of his another major win in 2011 US Open. The victory also made him feel better bringing him back at the top of the world rankings after slumping earlier of this year.

“A few people in this room were probably pressing panic buttons for no reason. I don’t think I could have answered it in any better way – and yeah, to be honest, it did motivate me. I did want to go out there and prove a few people wrong.” McIlroy said.

It took him four weeks to get back in shape, be totally fit for the game and rise from the crash. Every effort was all worth it coming out from the event very successfully. “To sit up here and see this trophy and call myself a multiple major champion… not many people have done it and I’m very privileged to join such an elite list of names,” the enthused McIlroy said.

He added, “I don’t care if I win by one or by eight – I just want to win – but it’s nice to break a record like that, especially of Jack Nicklaus. He’s the most successful player of all time so far. It’s a nice achievement.”

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PGA Championship’s Table of Birdies and Bogeys

The PGA Championship was held at the Ocean Course and here is a close look at who’s who on that Sunday’s golf event.

Rory McIlroy performed impressively well on this tournament just how he performed when he won the US Open at Congressional. His strikes and putting were remarkably sensible bringing himself back in line after collapsing at the Masters. Tiger Woods, on the other hand, fell short and wasted his opportunity for another major despite playing better on Sunday compared to his performance on the day before. Starting out so good with a 36-hole lead, Tiger’s third round was mostly unsuccessful.

Vijay Singh made it to the final group but this three-time major champion was unable to maintain his momentum. The 49-year-old golfer played the third round at four over and doing the same in the final round, scoring at a depressing 77 and finishing at T-36.

Ian Poulter did a good job hitting five greens and making five birdie putts through five holes. Whoa! Though he faded later, the Englishman added two more birdies on the back nine setting an example of how substantial he can be. His efforts paved way as he is considered to meet European Captain Jose Maria Olazabal in the upcoming Ryder Cup in fall.

Carl Pettersson got upset after being informed that he was penalized with two-strokes on the first hole but he didn’t let his emotions ruin the entire game and delivered back-to-back birdie shots right after. Though the shots weren’t enough to win the major, he made the highest finish with T-3 at one of the biggest golf events aside from winning the heart of a new fan like me.

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