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Crooks is Fit for the European Tour

Kimberley Crooks has been a member of the Ladies’ European Tour for two years now but is receiving little financial rewards. Yet, she spends so much effort to keep herself fit and ready until given the chance to compete and become a top golfer.

Standing at five feet in height, with dress size down to 8-10 from the previous 14, and thigh size of 21 inches from the former 24, she has been spending the past three months of her life diligently going to the gym for extensive trainings to maintain her upper body strength, increasing particularly the power of her shoulders. All her efforts paid off since she now has 15 yards longer driving distance, bringing the ball 225 yards away.

The first six tournaments of the Combined Order of Merit of the Women’s Professional Golfers’ Association in 2012 brought Crooks as one of the three players tied on the 15th rank. She was one of the top 5 in one, in the top 10 in one, and twice on the top 20. Yet, she was given an amount of £87.50.

Moving onward, she’s currently under training with Mike Howes at the Saltburn Golf Club where she is affiliated and working at the same time for American Golf at the Middlesbrough Leisure Park.

She was also appointed as the Lady Ambassador for the North Golf Show which is the only golf show in the region that opened itself to the public. The inauguration will start with a three-day run beginning from Riverside Stadium.

Andrew Hill, the Director of the Dogolf Limited, describes Crooks as, “Kimberley ticks two boxes…. …. At 21, she is young enough to relate to junior golfers as well as fronting up the women’s aspects of the show, one of which is the daily golf fashion parade in a part of the stadium on the concourse which will be for women only. She is perfect for an ambassador because she has a bubbly personality as well as drive, ambition and organizational skills. We are delighted she has agreed to take on the role.” Dogolf Limited is the company organizing and sponsoring the golf show.

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