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TaylorMade’s Latest and Biggest Innovation on Irons

taylormade driverBoth golf players and followers have been anticipating the new golf club TaylorMade has in its doorstep. The curiosity of many sparked when Sean O’Hair was spotted using TaylorMade’s prototype iron at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

The president and CEO of TaylorMade, Mark King, ended all inquiries and speculations by officially announcing the company’s new product, the RocketBladez iron. The club is said to be the biggest innovation in the history of irons.
Though RocketBladez is in its early stage in the market, its ‘Speed Pocket’ feature is already intriguing. Speed Pocket is a slot located at the sole of the 3- through 7- irons. Its width is about two millimeters and is filled with a polyurethane material which flexes upon impact. This concept was inspired and adapted from the company’s RocketBallz line of fairway woods and hybrid.

Intensive study by the company’s set of design engineers revealed that almost 70% of iron impacts do not hit the center of the club face but instead, below the center of the club face. The RocketBladez’s face, therefore, is designed to be 11% thinner than the previous iron faces with Speed Pocket that enhances the ball speed and driving distance during and after impact. The thin iron face also helps golfers achieve a better launch angle and faster ball speed.

TaylorMade has indeed made another great contribution in the golf technology and equipment.

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O’Hair Tied to the New Unnamed TaylorMade Protype Iron

Sean O'Hair Tries New TaylorMade Iron There has been a lot of hearsay and discussion recently that TaylorMade is working on releasing a new line of irons. The iron is still unnamed and was perceived to be what Sean O’Hair was sporting at the TPC Summerlin Tournament held in Las Vegas recently.

Though there was still no official announcement confirming the rumor, speculations became stronger when O’Hair was observed using a cavity-back iron during a rehearsal for the PGA Tour’s Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open. Even more suspicions arose because of the camouflage badge covering the cavity area of the iron.

A badge is usually used to cover some confidential information about a prototype product like the product name, symbol, or any other information which are yet to be officially launched. The clubhead was obviously a perimeter-weighted cavity-back with a polymer-filled slot in the sole part.

The product is being associated with TaylorMade because of the company’s RocketBallz line of woods. RocketBallz became a huge success in providing golfers with enhanced distances through the use of slots. The prototype iron used by O’Hair is perceived to enhance the golfer’s driving distances, as well.

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New Mizuno Irons for 2012

The two forged golf irons released by Mizuno late last year have been receiving very good feedback from golfers of wide skill ranges worldwide. For this year, the leader in golf technology and innovation releases two more models in addition to the company’s current lineup of products: the Mizuno MP-69 and Mizuno MP-59 Irons.

The Mizuno MP-69 Irons boast of its new 4D muscle design which optimizes the flow for an ultimate shot and ball control. It has enhanced muscle back technology which makes it ideal for advanced golfers. These irons represent the perfect blend of patented Grain Flow Forged Feel, modern design and unmatched workability.

Precision craftsmanship was infused in the design of the MP-69 irons maintaining the standards expected from all MP products. The muscle design technology delivers predictable penetrating shots.

Dick Lyons, the Vice President and General Manager of Mizuno USA, Inc., says, “Utilizing 4D Muscle design technology, the Mizuno MP-69 irons are a breakthrough in muscle back iron design. Mizuno is well known for its MP line of irons and serious golfers around the world look to us for the latest and greatest. We are extremely excited about the MP-69s and believe they will deliver game-changing results.”

The MP-59 irons, however, use the Ti Muscle Technology that gives more forgiveness to players’ mishit. It features a forged titanium insert at the center of the muscle. The insert gives a 5% larger sweet spot area for added forgiveness and maximizing the feel yet with the use of a compact head size.

Lyons added, “With Mizuno’s Ti Muscle technology, we’ve preserved the soft feel and compact head size that Mizuno MP players expect, while increasing forgiveness, which is truly the “holy grail” combination of performance characteristics for today’s more serious players. The MP-59s are ground breaking in concept and design, with a look, feel, and play unlike any forged iron Mizuno has delivered to date.”

All equipment released by Mizuno conforms to the standards set by Condition of Competition 2010.

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