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Metal Age in the Golf World

metal golf clubsSanta Cruz, California has become a haven for golfers having several golf locations in town. You can find two golf courses, a mini golf course and another golf emporium in the county aside from the world renowned Pebbles Beach. These scenic spots and golf locations set the stage for competition over the use of the most advanced golf technology.

Carroll County Times mentioned in its April 2012 article that club manufacturers are focusing in restraining the golf club’s ‘moment of inertia’. The term ‘moment of inertia’ of a golf club is the measurement of its resistance during contact with the golf ball. Modern golf clubs are usually made of metals and help golfers to deliver swing shots of 2 to 4 miles per hour faster ball speed compared to using wooden golf clubs. Golf used wooden clubs since it started evolving in the 19th century. All female members of the UCSC golf team are currently using metal clubs. Metal clubs allow the golfers to hit the ball further and therefore brought forth tricky golf courses and longer fairways.

UCSC’s golf coach for women, Paulette Pera, remembered learning golf and played using wooden clubs. She said, “Because new technology makes play longer, they are building longer courses and tougher greens. Everyone had wood clubs when I started. When I switched from wood to metal clubs, I couldn’t get used to the new sound they made.”

Pera added that none of her team members has ever played using wooden golf clubs. She also said that her team required new equipment to become more competitive compared with other college teams. She admits that playing with metal clubs becomes a big advantage for a golfer.

Pasatiempo Golf Club assistant golf professional Matt Mackey said, “Technology has done a lot for the game in terms of amateur playability. The equipment and physical ability in the game today have both improved exponentially.”

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Putters – Long or Short?

long or short puttersGolf enthusiasts go with never-ending discussions about golf and the technology involving it. Just like the heated debates regarding the use of long putters.

The ruling authorities of golf, both R&A and USGA, already admitted that the current Rules of Golf is “firmly back on the radar”. Peter Dawson, Chief Executive of R&A, emphasized that a final resolution is yet to be discussed and worked on.

Professional golfers also have their respective opinions about the matter. Ernie Els once said that although using a long putter makes him feel like cheating, he would still take advantage of it since it is not prohibited. He has won four major tournaments in his career.

Tom Kite strongly stated, “Belly putters are legal and are both wonderful ways to putt. But I don’t think they are good for golf.” Kite is the 1992 US Open Champion and has won the Ryder Cup seven times.

Steve McKenna of the City of Newcastle Golf Club says, “The conventional method of putting is playing with a standard-length putter and holding it with an orthodox grip. It is still the preferred method of good golfers. As long as the golfer’s technique, feel and ability to read greens is sound there is no need to move away from convention.”

While Brian Rumney of the Arcot Hall Golf Club says, “Anchoring the putter against the chest, chin or whatever and requiring only one hand for the stroke is not how the game was designed to be played. There’s currently a huge debate on these types of putters and my prediction, for what it’s worth, is that the USGA and the R&A believe they should do something about them.”

Indeed, all matters will settle once the USGA and the R&A do something about it. In the meanwhile, let us all look forward to what they have to say, hopefully, soon.

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Counter Weighting Improves Putting

Counter WeightingClubfitting is a term most golfers think as the customization of driver, fairway wood, irons and hybrids. Little do golfers know that clubfitting can also apply to wedges and putters. These components are very important factors affecting the golfer’s score and the reasons why wedges and putters are also customized by professional clubfitters to meet the golfer’s particular needs.

Golfers must have good motor control skills to be able to putt well. Motor control is manifested through the ability to move and control the objects by the use of their hands in slower, repeated, consistent and precise movements. Their neuro-muscular ability gives them the power to do so.

Not everyone has good neuro-muscular ability. For golfers who do not possess such skill, this could be a problem. But, we must not let that difficulty prevent us from playing golf. The problem can be solved by adding a significant amount of weight at the grip end of the shaft, the process of which is called counter weighting.

Counter weighting is basically a fitting technique applied for putters where a heavy weight is applied into the grip of the putter shaft. Through the use of this weight, the golfer would feel the heavier weight enabling him to move in a consistent and repeated manner. The most common values used for counter weights are 60, 80 and 100 grams. Golfers who have used counter weighting were seen to have improved in their games by more than 80%.

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Wii Golf Benefits Physical Therapy

Nintendo Wii Golf is popularly known as a high-tech video game. Well, this is for common users. In the world of health care, Wii Golf is more than just a high-tech toy and has become a healing tool for physical, occupational and neurological rehabilitation.

“It really is helpful as an adjunct to what we do in physical therapy,” says Doctors Hospital’s Director of Inpatient Rehabilitation, Dean Beasley. “It allows the patient to put into practical application what they’ve done in therapy and, in some cases it helps them know if they could still play golf.”

Wii Golf helps patients recovering from stroke or some form of brain injuries to develop their balance and movements. Others use it in improving motor coordination or range of motion.

PT, short for Physical Therapy in health sciences, is sometimes connoted by patients as “Pain and Torture”. Wii Golf brings physical therapy with an element of pleasure which is something that helps reduce the burden of every patient.

Occupational therapist at Aroostook Medical Center, Michaela St. Onge says, “If it’s something like golf that they previously enjoyed, the patients are more motivated to do it. They like it because it’s a change of pace from the normal exercises we give them in therapy.”

Mike Pelletier suffered from stroke last June and struggled with balance and double vision. He played Wii Golf from his wheelchair during sessions of therapy. The game helped him to improve his balance and motivated him to keep himself active. “I made it my own challenge to try to beat my previous score. The game is fun, but it’s also constructive,” he said.

Recuperating patients no longer consider the therapy an exercise but the repetitive movement and constant practice brings them the positive effect of doing the same. St. Onge added, “We have seen it actually speed up their recovery time when patients elected to come to the rehab center in their free time to play Wii Golf. Every little bit helps with recovery.”

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New Golf Technology from RadarGolf

RadarGolf recently announced their exclusive business partnership and collaboration with Sharper Image in offering the company’s new product.

RadarGolf System uses ball positioning system technology to help golfers find the hit and lost balls faster. Sharper Image is all set to feature RadarGolf System in all of its retail stores, website and mail-order catalogs.

“This is a very significant retail partnership for RadarGolf. Sharper Image will be the only retailer to carry our new, innovative product this holiday season,” says Steve Harrari, RadarGolf’s Chief Executive Officer.

Sharper Image founder and CEO Richard Thalheimer, said, “A system like this for finding lost golf balls has been a dream of inventors for a long time but only RadarGolf has succeeded. Golfers will absolutely love this fantastic product. By quickly finding wayward golf balls, golfers save time, save money and — most importantly — save strokes. What can be more fun than being electronically guided to your ball hiding in that tuft of grass? Everyone will benefit and enjoy the game even more.”

The RadarGolf System is allowed to post the USGA handicaps but not to be used in USGA golf tournaments. The system which costs $349.95 includes a RadarGolf handheld device with a carrying case, a dozen of RadarGolf balls which are all USGA conformant, two pieces of pouches by Shield-IT and an instructional DVD guide.

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Does Golf Technology Really Help Minors to Win a Major?

Discussions are recently ongoing about the effects of golf technology among players and the sport in general. It is observed that as modern technology revolutionizes the quality and performance of golf equipment, particularly golf clubs and balls, the equipment greatly help golf players achieve a major title.

Golf clubs are more controlled and powerful delivering greater precision and performance while golf balls endure different weather conditions and go further than they used to. The change seems to be very positive but it has changed sport.

Though nothing seems to be wrong about technology but the question being asked is, are the golfers really excellent in their golf skills or was it the technology that have taken over the sport? The scores players deliver now become a question of skills and performance versus applied technology.

The performance of golfers nowadays is not as competitive as it was 20 years ago. Many people before devoted themselves in the sport but few have mastered and delivered great performances but now, technology matches up with players’ inabilities.

Golf equipment is now adjusted and customized to meet the players’ needs and requirements thus giving the golfer an edge during a game. It is worth noting that the last 16 majors held turned out with 16 different winners. Many concerns were raised regarding the matter but everything is still on the discussion table. Some jestingly thinks that time may come that robots will be on their way to play golf. We all can just wait and see what the conclusion would turn out to be.

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Club Fitting Goes 3-D

Jon Warren, manager of the M.A.T.T. laboratory, is busy analyzing golf swings. M.A.T.T is an abbreviation for Motion Analysis Technology by TaylorMade. Warren’s goal is to find the proper club that best fits a golfer, based on the data gathered in the M.A.T.T lab.

As Warren explains, “It is 3-D motion capturing. It’s the same system that a lot of video game manufacturers use to create human avatars, and a lot of 3-D movies that have been filmed in the last couple of years use the same system.”

The M.A.T.T. lab offers a next-generation version of club fitting. Golf swings are tracked using reflective markers, which produces a video-game-like output.

“It’s really an experience as opposed to a club fitting. You can go out and get a club fitting anywhere. If someone comes in here, and says they want to break 90, you gotta break it down a little bit both with their equipment, and see their golf swing,” said Warren.

John Grother, a golf teacher from the Oregon Golf Association, says that the information collected from the M.A.T.T. lab is a very effective tool to see what the player is doing and to find ways to improve the game. “When we have an absolute M.R.I. of the golf swing, when we can see in complete 3-D, what someone is doing in the golf swing,” he said.

“Where the technology is nowadays, it is to where you’re not taking full advantage of it unless you get properly fit for it,” Warren concluded.

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New Innovation to Improve Golf Games

Here comes another new development in the world of golf. The ES12 Digital Golf Assistant, developed by Ernest Sports, is a brand new portable technology that synchronizes with the Smartphone to provide instant distance and speed data.
The newly launched company, based in Atlanta, aims to fulfill the dream of every golfer, which is to experience improved golf performance and better scores.

The ES12 is easy-to-use, portable, and affordable. It takes advantage of the smart phones and tablet devices that golfers carry with them most of the time. Golfers can install the free mobile application to analyze the golf ball’s distance and speed during a shot. The data is instantly fed back to a mobile device through Bluetooth technology, where it can be stored and analyzed.

“It’s exactly what you need as a player. A product like this is fantastic because you can set it on the range and practice your distance and control with your wedges, which is normally very difficult to do. To have that kind of feedback after each shot develops so much more feel! It can really make a difference in your ability to score. The price point is unbelievable when compared to Trackman or FlightScope. Nothing even compares to it,” said Russell Surber, Canadian Tour Professional Golfer.

The Ernest Sports ES12 Digital Golf Assistant is priced to be affordable for every golfer at $249, while similar products cost $15,000 or more.

PGA Tour Professional and FedEx St Jude Classic Champion Dicky Pride said, “When I use my ES12 from Ernest Sports, my practice sessions are more efficient. I get data quickly and more efficiently so I can move on to what I want to do next. You immediately get feedback about how far your ball is going so that you can know if your clubs are set up correctly, taking a lot of the guesswork out your practice session. With the ES12 you can easily find out what works and what doesn’t in your golf swing.”

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The Technology Revolution in Golf Does Not Mean Lower Scores

Golf Technology
A group of four friends gets together on a weekday for their regular monthly golf game. Jim Thomas, one of the four, has a burning desire to improve his game. He is even willing to spend a decent amount of money for any equipment that can give him the best advantage.

Jim wants his golf buddies to feel his presence in the game. This has never happened before, since he is normally the shortest off the tee. Tiring of his scores, he has come to the sporting goods store to check for new drivers on the market.

Technology can be observed everywhere, even in golf drivers. At the store, Jim selects a golf driver containing “more than 12 million turbo static carbon fibers,” among other attributes. “It sounds cool, right?” Jim says, only partly joking.

But did you know that the use of high-tech golf equipment doesn’t have any relationship to the golfer’s performance? If you look at the situation closely, technology neither makes the player’s scores lower nor raises them at all. This statement is supported by the National Golf Foundation. It is based on the observation that the average score for golf is still at around 100. This so-called average score has remained unchanged since our grandfathers played the game.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the use of technology when playing golf, of course. But golfers have to accept the reality that even modern technology cannot necessarily help them get the golf ball into the hole in fewer strokes.

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TrackMan Pro is Changing the Golf Swing

TrackMan Pro is the newest innovation in the world of golf. It is practically a Doppler radar system designed to analyze, evaluate and change the way golfers swing their clubs. Both professionals and rookies can benefit from this technology. Sean Foley and Tiger Woods, two big names in the golf world, are using it. Young kids learning golf are taking advantage of this equipment. Top golf clubs already have it in use.

Savoie, who has been a golf coach and instructor at Arkansas and Florida State, said that the TrackMan Pro changed the way he does his job. He said that he used to be frustrated realizing that different instructors can have differing opinions of the same swing. He noted that there is a lot of subjectivity when teaching golf, which can lead to confusion and disagreement over a player’s technique.

With the aid of the TrackMan Pro, golf instruction has become scientific and precise. Computer-generated data explains why a golfer doesn’t accomplish the shot he intended to make. The club speed, ball speed, attack angle and spin rate are few of the factors computed by the device. Given such data, both the golfer and coach are able to better understand what happened during that particular shot. Then adjustments can be made to achieve the best game possible.

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