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Callaway Launches New Adjustable Driver

RAZR Fit XtremeJust 13 months after it launched its first adjustable driver, Callaway introduced its second one, the new RAZR Fit Xtreme! The newly released driver boasts of its construction and design with claim that the new product “will not be matched”.

Alan Hocknell, Callaway Senior Vice President of Research and Development, says that the new RAZR Fit Xtreme started peeking in the market piece-by-piece through a Twitter campaign. Its hashtag ‘#LongestDriverInGolf’ became a trending topic in about an hour.

The unique promotion technique exposed the new driver’s look and technology. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme carries the combination of Callaway technologies found in both the FT Tour and RAZR Hawk drivers but innovated with its adjustable hosel and weights technology.

The RAZR Fit Xtreme, which has been included in the list of USGA’s conforming drivers, allows golfers to adjust driver settings in two aspects: in face angle and weight placement. The face angle can be set to either open, square or closed while the weight placement can adjusted away from the center of gravity to improve ball flight. While the RAZR Fit comes with four lofts, the new RAZR Fit XtReme’s head design now comes with five lofts. Each loft allows the bulge radius to change giving golfers of different handicaps and speeds some flexibility.

“We worked tirelessly to improve on the best distance characteristics of our longest drivers and the result is incredibly fast ball speed, plus the lowest CG of any adjustable driver in golf,” Hocknell assured. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme can be grabbed in the market starting January 18, 2013 at around $400.

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New GPS Watch by Bushnell

Bushnell, the company which initially became popular with binoculars, recently launched the new Neo+ GPS watch in line with their list of range finder products. The watch which costs around £159 was designed to meet the increasing demand of the golfers for a smaller and wearable GPS device.

The new Neo+ GPS watch is lightweight, user-friendly and small, even smaller than the hand-held GPS device available in the market. Any GPS device for golf purposes will be ineffective if it does not recognize the golf course you are in. This won’t be a problem with Bushnell’s new product since the Neo+ GPS watch is pre-loaded with 25,000 golf courses from the different parts of the globe. Specific watch features include providing golfers with precise yardages from all directions of the greens. It is also loaded with power that can last up to about 14 hours of use before needing a recharge.

Bushnell’s Product Director Terry Mears said, “Following the original Neo+ GPS, we wanted to provide consumers with another exceptional GPS option that would provide extra benefits at an affordable cost.” He also stated, “While we may be known for our dominant laser range finders, at Bushnell we pride ourselves on producing industry-leading products that will give golfers the ability to enhance their game. We know that the new Neo+ watch will be extremely popular.”

Bushnell is launching the new watch before the year ends, in time for the holiday season, which makes it a great option as a holiday gift for your golfer friends and relatives.

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What Golfers Must Do During Winter

Tips for Golf EquipmentGolf lovers and enthusiasts never seem to depart from their love of the sport even during winter season. Thanks to other locations where golfing is still possible but to areas where golf courses become covered with snow, the cold season is the best time for you to prepare your golf equipment and be on-the-go on the next possible golf session.

Take a peek at your shafts and grips. They may have weakened over the period of time and frequent usage or probably damaged from carriage and transportation. Your contact to the golf club decreases as the quality of the grip decreases, that is when it gets worn and slick. In case there is an evidence of wear and tear, local golf shops can advise you on what must be the best option for your equipment.

Check your favorite pro shop also if your golf clubs need re-grooving. Worn down grooves results to lesser ball control and ball spin during your game. If you feel like losing ball control, it may not be your skill that is the problem but your club grooves.

You can also give more time in cleaning your golf equipment as well as the other gears and accessories like bag, umbrellas and jackets. They may have born defects that you might not have noticed. Check the zippers and stitches of your bags. Make sure that they can still provide you with the protection needed by your equipment. The rest of your golf equipment must be viewed thoroughly to avoid inconveniences once you are back in the course.

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O’Hair Tied to the New Unnamed TaylorMade Protype Iron

Sean O'Hair Tries New TaylorMade Iron There has been a lot of hearsay and discussion recently that TaylorMade is working on releasing a new line of irons. The iron is still unnamed and was perceived to be what Sean O’Hair was sporting at the TPC Summerlin Tournament held in Las Vegas recently.

Though there was still no official announcement confirming the rumor, speculations became stronger when O’Hair was observed using a cavity-back iron during a rehearsal for the PGA Tour’s Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open. Even more suspicions arose because of the camouflage badge covering the cavity area of the iron.

A badge is usually used to cover some confidential information about a prototype product like the product name, symbol, or any other information which are yet to be officially launched. The clubhead was obviously a perimeter-weighted cavity-back with a polymer-filled slot in the sole part.

The product is being associated with TaylorMade because of the company’s RocketBallz line of woods. RocketBallz became a huge success in providing golfers with enhanced distances through the use of slots. The prototype iron used by O’Hair is perceived to enhance the golfer’s driving distances, as well.

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Counter Weighting Improves Putting

Counter WeightingClubfitting is a term most golfers think as the customization of driver, fairway wood, irons and hybrids. Little do golfers know that clubfitting can also apply to wedges and putters. These components are very important factors affecting the golfer’s score and the reasons why wedges and putters are also customized by professional clubfitters to meet the golfer’s particular needs.

Golfers must have good motor control skills to be able to putt well. Motor control is manifested through the ability to move and control the objects by the use of their hands in slower, repeated, consistent and precise movements. Their neuro-muscular ability gives them the power to do so.

Not everyone has good neuro-muscular ability. For golfers who do not possess such skill, this could be a problem. But, we must not let that difficulty prevent us from playing golf. The problem can be solved by adding a significant amount of weight at the grip end of the shaft, the process of which is called counter weighting.

Counter weighting is basically a fitting technique applied for putters where a heavy weight is applied into the grip of the putter shaft. Through the use of this weight, the golfer would feel the heavier weight enabling him to move in a consistent and repeated manner. The most common values used for counter weights are 60, 80 and 100 grams. Golfers who have used counter weighting were seen to have improved in their games by more than 80%.

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More Ideas about Your Golf Travel Bag Covers

Golf travel bag cover is usually one of the most important yet forgotten among golf accessories. They started out as basic plastic covers with hole provisions to fill the strap of your bag during carriage. But such doesn’t serve the purpose of protecting your golf equipment against dirt, rain or even damage. So, golf travel bag covers have evolved into various options and design nowadays.

In choosing your golf travel bag cover, consider what type of protection you want to provide your equipment and the convenience it brings. Most models now come with wheels to help you transport your golf equipment. The very best protection you can find are those with hard side covers. The disadvantage though is its weight and bulkiness. The size and inflexibility usually require space which can be a problem during travels requiring car rentals.

One good brand of golf travel bag cover available in the market is the Club Glove. They have several models to choose from all, of which come with sturdy wheels. The base is a hard sided part while a very tough fabric assembles the top portion. The cover is also collapsible when the golf clubs are not in for easy storage and fitting small spaces.

Sure enough, there may be other available brands but Club Glove would be a good benchmark during purchase.

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Does Golf Technology Really Help Minors to Win a Major?

Discussions are recently ongoing about the effects of golf technology among players and the sport in general. It is observed that as modern technology revolutionizes the quality and performance of golf equipment, particularly golf clubs and balls, the equipment greatly help golf players achieve a major title.

Golf clubs are more controlled and powerful delivering greater precision and performance while golf balls endure different weather conditions and go further than they used to. The change seems to be very positive but it has changed sport.

Though nothing seems to be wrong about technology but the question being asked is, are the golfers really excellent in their golf skills or was it the technology that have taken over the sport? The scores players deliver now become a question of skills and performance versus applied technology.

The performance of golfers nowadays is not as competitive as it was 20 years ago. Many people before devoted themselves in the sport but few have mastered and delivered great performances but now, technology matches up with players’ inabilities.

Golf equipment is now adjusted and customized to meet the players’ needs and requirements thus giving the golfer an edge during a game. It is worth noting that the last 16 majors held turned out with 16 different winners. Many concerns were raised regarding the matter but everything is still on the discussion table. Some jestingly thinks that time may come that robots will be on their way to play golf. We all can just wait and see what the conclusion would turn out to be.

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Affordable Golfing

Golf is one of the most popular and classic sports, as well as one of the most expensive ones. The cost involves not just purchasing your personal golf equipment but also include green fees, golf course memberships, equipment upgrade, transportation, and the like. Here are some tips on how you can cut costs on your golf equipment and make golfing affordable.

One of the biggest golf equipment manufacturer is Callaway. To entice golfers into purchasing their new line of equipment, Callaway may accept trade-in of equipment. This is an opportunity for golfers to upgrade into better quality and newly released golf equipment at lesser costs. After all, you won’t need all of them at once.

If you are looking for a site that offers almost any golf equipment, go to Craigslist. They have various choices of golf clubs, balls, shoes and clothes. Try browsing their website every now and then to find new product offerings that may fit your need. The prices posted are comparatively low and may be negotiable.

Goodwill does it best by offering golf items at absolute best price regardless of the item’s condition and longevity. You can surely find good buys since Goodwill donations can be tax write-offs. Hopping from one Goodwill location to another will give you rewards since the best ones may be hidden at one and is not available in another.

You can also find affordable golf equipment at Local Golf Pro Shops. They often release items that are stuck for a year or more and need to be loaded off. Since the golf equipment, clothing and other gears are just over a year old after its release, they won’t be considered obsolete or out of trend. Slightly used gears are also sold in this store at significantly low prices.

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Golf Technology Brings Golfers Close to Majors

Rory McIlroy was put in controversy when the young Northern Irish golfer claimed that golf technology allows weaker players to win major titles or if not, close to it. The statement was made on the eve of the USPGA Championship. The past 16 majors have produced 16 different winners including McIlroy and some of the other winners also came out as unexpected winners.

McIlroy, who has been known by the public for his honest opinions, said, “I’m just happy to be part of that group of 16. I think the reason is like this, fields are much deeper. Partly because the guys have just got better and have worked hard; they are putting more into the game physically, mentally, practice, technical, everything. But I think one of the big things is the technology. I think 25 years ago you had the really good players that could play with basically anything and nowadays the technology lets maybe some of the lesser players catch up with the better players. And I think that’s why you see so many more guys winning these days.”

Different golf tournament associations have taken action in the recent years by expressing their contention to the advancement of golf technology, particularly with the specifications released along the newer golf balls and clubs.

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Cheap Ways to Improve Your Golf Equipment

Upgrading to a new set of golf equipment can be an obsession for some golfers, who always want the latest and greatest thing. However, upgrading is not always easy. Changing your driver, putter and wedge will cost you roughly a thousand dollars. This gets costly for most golfers, especially when new products come out every year. This article will provide some tips on how you can upgrade your golf equipment at a reasonable price.

First, you can buy pre-owned items. Buying used equipment does not mean that you’re getting what others have thrown away. You can find golf equipment that people have returned to the golf shop after a few rounds of play. Drivers and putters with minimal wear and tear are good buys. These items are usually offered with significant discounts during mid-summer.

You can also look for products released the previous year. Since new models are released every year, many manufacturers offer the older models at cheaper prices. Some equipment can go for half the original price. These items are not necessarily outdated since they have been on the market for only a year or two.

Lastly, you can consider trading in your current equipment. After all, you actually won’t need it once you have your new clubs. The old clubs will just end up in the storeroom, so why not get something for them? You can find websites and golf shops that trade golf equipment. Trading in will enable you to upgrade your equipment, while saving money that you can put towards your greens fee.

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