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PGA National Welcomes Modern Golf Course

The FazioThe Fazio golf course was officially opened last November 2 but the PGA National had its opening celebration the day before, November 1. The course was designed by the notable golf course designer, Tom Fazio II, the third generation of the Fazio family. The celebration was filled with activities like a welcome breakfast, messages from distinguished people and a golf day for the guests.

The new golf course’s 18 holes are a total transformation of The Haig which is a golf course constructed in 1980, designed by George and Tom Fazio. The Haig is also PGA National’s first golf course constructed in honor of the PGA Tour champion Walter Hagen.

Fazio II used modern technology in designing the par-72 course putting much attention into agronomics. The course also features the Celebration Bermuda grass in the 2.5-acre green surface and a total yardage of 7,000. The world-famous designer wanted to come out with a course well-suited and balanced for both high- and low-scoring players.

The renovation was the result of a six-year project and has attracted attention from all over the nation. Almost everything was renovated including the signature spa, the numerous guest rooms, as well as the bar and restaurant. PGA National’s Greens Director Lukus Harvey said that such design combines the traditional and modern golf course. He also tagged the project as “seminal”.

The vice president and managing director of the property Joel Paige said that the golf course’s rehabilitation made PGA National as of the grandest golf resort in the country.

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Enjoy Winter Golf at Estoril Golf Course


Playing golf during winter months has become widely accepted and more popular. In the suburb of Lisbon in Portugal, easily accessible from the Lisbon International Airport and just two hours from one of the finest cities in Europe lies Estoril Coast where golfers can experience and enjoy sunshine all year-long.

Estoril Coast in Portugal is endowed with superb hotels and restaurants, large beaches with beautiful sands, big casinos, and vast shopping areas. Having seven excellently laid out golf courses with a year-round of good weather, it is therefore a great golf travel destination. Tourist-golfers will have lots of options to enjoy the quality of the courses whether they are on a golf vacation, spending some time off work, having school vacations or just enjoying a simple holiday break.

Estoril Golf Course is a classic course laid out close along the coast showing off the charm of the old world from way back 1930s. Designed by Mackenzie Ross, it may be a bit short compared with modern standard course distances but every golf shot in this course would require challenge and skill to map the way around. Several holes are excellently designed and positioned to provide tests and challenges during the golf game.

Golfers will surely enjoy every step within the best greens of the world as they roam around accompanied by the wonderful aroma of eucalyptus, pine and mimosa trees. The natural scenery simply provides the peace and relaxation which is what almost everyone looks for in any travel vacation.

The new features added to the course are the motorway and bridge where golfers have to cross midway during the round. Not many courses offer the same which takes you after the 8th hole and brings you back for the 16th hole.

The temperature from October to March averages around 20 degrees. These are warm, dry and sunny days which is best suited for golfing. Night time however is a bit chilly at around 8 to 10 degrees but thanks to the new base layer clothing technology, this won’t be a problem any longer.

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Vermont, A Year After Irene

One of the worst storms in over 80 years that hit Vermont is the hurricane Irene in August, last year. The storm left at least 6 people dead, wrecked numerous homes and damaged major infrastructures. The Vermont Disaster Relief Fund through its Executive Director Betsy Ide estimated the damage costs to be somewhat between $700 million to $1 billion.

Almost every golf course in the state did not escape the wrath brought by Irene. After a year, the marks which the storm left can still be observed. Dave Pfannestein, the Executive Director of the Vermont State Golf Association said, “When you drive around, there are still houses off their foundations and others condemned. Some stuff has been cleaned up, but other stuff is still sitting there like it was that day. But most of the courses are pretty much back to normal this year.”

The private 36-hole Queeche Club received the hardest hit. Property Manager Ken Lallier recalled, “It was filled with whole trees, tires, and other debris, plus up to six feet of silt. Greens were washed out, and a 10-foot deep trench cut through some fairways. The devastation was staggering.”

Procedures were immediately done to bring the courses back to its state prior to Irene’s devastation. It was a long process, though. Members were playing on some parts of the Highland course until all 18 holes were opened in spring of this year while the Lakeland course opened the first nine holes just recently. The remaining nine are scheduled to open by next spring. The total renovation cost reached to $4.5 million.

The club members are all hopeful and believed that the courses can be redeemed. “I grew up in this valley and the courses have been here for 40 years. We just can’t let a freak storm like this take us out of the golf business. You just grin and bear it, move through it, and this too shall pass,” said by the optimistic Ken Lacasse, the club’s greens chairman.

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Muskoka, Golf Haven in Ontario

Planning a golf vacation in Muskoka is indeed an awesome golf treat for you and your loved ones. This haven is just unbelievable with hundreds of giant lakes, rivers, forests and remarkably laid out golf courses with rock formations protruding up and out of the courses’ fairways. They are just marvelous spots in Ontario, Canada.

If not, the National Geographic Traveler Magazine wouldn’t have chosen Muskoka as a must-see locale of the year. They wouldn’t have declared it as one of the top destinations worldwide in-line with other destinations in London and Iceland.

Golfing in Muskoka is an extraordinary experience as its landscape is. The topography fits just perfectly for the sport and is also the reason why the place is home to very prominent golf courses. Found here are Deerhurst Highlands, Bigwin Island and The Ridge at Manitou, to name a few.

The Oak Bay located in Honey Harbor is one of the newest. Its 17th hole is a very prominent feature which is spectacularly designed that plays par 3, straight across the water, leading to a green and hovers to a large piece of granite.

The Muskoka Bay Club located in Gravenhurst and designed by world renowned Doug Carrick was chosen as the best new course in Canada after it opened in 2006. The course can be a golfer’s enemy with 7,400 yards of distance with an amusing 349-yard par 4, 4th hole which has a pond and sand skirts. Some other holes are also amazingly designed.

With all these wonderful sceneries and much-anticipated fun, many courses in Muskoka also offer green fees that are half the price of what other prominent courses offer. What a great golf travel destination indeed!

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Rod Laver Speaks of Carlsbad’s Golf Havens

Rod Laver, a 73-year-old native of Australia speaks of what Carlsbad, California can offer when it comes to golf vacations. Being a resident of the town for more than 12 years now and a member of La Costa Resort and Spa, he proudly says that he has been playing more golf lately than tennis. This year is the 50th year anniversary of Laver’s two tennis grand slams but arthritis in the wrist prevents him from grabbing a tennis racket these days.

Laver used to play tennis in the La Costa Resort and Spa long before he began looking into golf seriously. “I didn’t play much golf when I was competing. I never did try to combine both. But I’m fairly fortunate. I played tennis left-handed, and I play golf right-handed. It’s almost like my hitting a backhand,” he said.

Laver described La Costa’s two courses as great and enjoyable whether playing tennis or golf. The greens were refurbished and have become more challenging with creative bunkers, ponds and elevated greens. The Aviara Golf Course, which is located just across La Costa, also has an excellent course layout and scenic views adjacent to the ocean and the Bataquitos Lagoon.

Also highly recommended by Laver is the Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla. It is where the 2008 US Open was held describing the facility as great. Dining and lodging is never a problem during a golf vacation in this part of California. Food is served excellently by prominent restaurants specializing in different cuisines while all courses have excellent hotels that are ready to serve visitors from all over the world.

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Doug Carrick: Excellent Canadian Golf Course Architect

Doug Carrick is a name to be reckoned with in the world of Canadian golf course architecture. Course architects are sometimes called the ‘gods of golf.’ They turn huge mountainous areas, lakes, and deserts into magnificent golf courses. And Carrick is one of the very few people who can create that magic, having designed courses in Canada and all over the world.

The Toronto-based architect, who earned his Landscape Architecture degree from the University of Toronto, remains humble despite successfully working on more than 30 courses. He confessed, “When you start a new course, there are so many variables, so many potential trouble spots, and I’m always a little nervous about the outcome.”

Indeed, the ‘gods of golf’ are by no means perfect. They also make mistakes. Carrick recalled his initial design for the 6th hole of the Ridge course located at Predator Ridge Resort in this way: “I screwed up.” The problem hole cost a large amount of money to reconstruct, but the results were worth it. The course was named the best new golf course in Canada by ScoreGolf, cementing its reputation as a superb place to play.

Carrick has made a name for himself as a Canadian golf architect and is a master in the field of course architecture. He designed 8 out of the top 30 modern golf course layouts in Canada and is currently working on two new courses that will surely add to his fame in the near future.

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Affordable Golf Travel Destinations

A golf vacation is one of the most exciting getaways for golf fanatics. However, with the current economic difficulties that some people are facing, affordability may be an important factor in your vacation planning. Gas prices, the dollar exchange rate, greens fees, and other expenses need careful consideration. But don’t scrap the idea just yet. Here are few affordable and rewarding golf destinations for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

First is the Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail in Alabama. With green fees starting from $46, and a collection of 468 holes in 11 locations to test your skills, you’re sure to find some great golfing. Significant discounts are available for visitors coming during the off-season. You can stay at a number of resorts with affordable prices, such as the Renaissance Birmingham Ross Bridge Golf Resort and Spa.

Golf courses in Northwest Ireland are usually overlooked when it comes to golf travel, possibly because of the area’s remoteness. But the magnificent scenery and conservative green fees are worth your attention. A few of the excellent courses are Connemara, Enniscore and Rosses Point.

New Mexico is becoming a golf haven these days. Golf destinations in the state are still uncrowded and more affordable, since not many people have heard of the glorious offerings. You can take advantage of a golf package called “Golf on the Santa Fe Trail,” which is a one-of-a-kind yet affordable golf vacation featuring eight golf courses within a two-hour drive, situated along a stretch of the Rio Grande River Valley.

Remember that with proper planning and preparation, your dream of a golf travel getaway can turn into reality.

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100 Million Pound-Golf Course Opened by ‘The Donald’


Despite all controversies, Donald Trump recently drove the inaugural shot to mark the opening of his Aberdeen Golf Course costing to as much as 100 million pounds.

Several contentions from the outraging neighbors and other environmental issues bogged the opening of the course. Issues like, Trump’s orders to demolish lands and other areas with protected sandbanks as well as the way he treats the neighboring residents. Amidst all these, Trump is all set to pursue the course and will not let anything hinder his public relations drive.

“We’re having a great time, the course is playing great,” said the property magnate who also denied that there were protesters. Trump, who flew into Aberdeen through a private jet, teed off with the former Ryder Cup captain Colin Montgomerie despite the latter receiving pressures from the Scottish Wildlife Trust to boycott what is considered the most damaging course.

Both Trump and Montgomerie were moved with the quality of the golf course built from a huge land overlooking the North Sea, some parts of which had been designated as a site of special scientific interest (SSSI). Trump, however, claimed that the land had been stabilized and will be the “greatest golf course in the world”.

The Golf Environment Organization complained that the course has a “considerable negative impact on what was one of the UK’s most valuable mobile sand dune systems”. David Milne, a course neighbor who led campaigns against the project said that the course should be named as a site of extreme environmental destruction, or SEED for short.
All these didn’t stop Trump who even said, “The environmentalists love what I have done.”

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New Mexico’s Golf Courses: ‘The Land of Enchantment’

New Mexico, a state located in the southwest region of the United States, carries in its bosom the best golf courses you can find, especially in the areas around Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos. This so-called ‘Land of Enchantment’ offers courses with superbly unique layouts. The area is rich in historical and natural attractions, filled with first-class hotels, casinos, and fine dining, all topped off with perfect golfing weather.

Flying to Albuquerque gets the golf ball rolling. The airport is conveniently located with easy access to the downtown and one of the must-play golf courses, the Championship Golf Course. Located at the University of New Mexico, this course is just a mile away from the airport and ranked by Golf Digest as the number 1 golf course in the state.

Driving northward will bring you to one of golf’s best plays, the Black Mesa Golf Course. Black Mesa was hailed by Link’s Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Most Spectacular Courses in the World” due to its extraordinary artistic design. Each hole in the course offers its own distinct layout, topography, and adventure.

“It is built with a degree of visual intimidation on every hole to challenge a player’s skills, courage, and ability to problem solve. That challenge starts on the first hole, a par four measuring 385 yards from the tips that requires a blind shot over a hillside,” says Director of Golf Tom Velarde.

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GPS Blamed for Woman’s Crash at Golf Course

A woman driver alleged to be drunk blames her GPS system for leading her off-track, resulting in a crash at the Whitinsville Golf Club.

Patricia Maione, aged 46, from Uxbridge, Massachusetts, told the police that she followed the directions given to her by the GPS system. Turning into a corn field and trying to get back on the road, she found herself landing in a sand trap on the golf course. Luckily, there were no injuries from the incident except to the greens.

Maione was assumed drunk with her slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and strong smell of alcohol. A large cup from a fast food restaurant containing an alcoholic beverage was found in the vehicle. Maione also admitted to drinking vodka earlier that day.

Several charges were laid against Maione including negligent driving, driving with an open container of alcohol, driving with a suspended license, and drunk driving. This is the fourth time she has been charged with drunk driving. She is being held on $10,000 bail after the judge revoked her release order on two previous cases that involved disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and drug charges. She was out on personal recognizance for those cases. Pretrial hearings are already scheduled for Maione’s three cases.

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