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What Golfers Must Do During Winter

Tips for Golf EquipmentGolf lovers and enthusiasts never seem to depart from their love of the sport even during winter season. Thanks to other locations where golfing is still possible but to areas where golf courses become covered with snow, the cold season is the best time for you to prepare your golf equipment and be on-the-go on the next possible golf session.

Take a peek at your shafts and grips. They may have weakened over the period of time and frequent usage or probably damaged from carriage and transportation. Your contact to the golf club decreases as the quality of the grip decreases, that is when it gets worn and slick. In case there is an evidence of wear and tear, local golf shops can advise you on what must be the best option for your equipment.

Check your favorite pro shop also if your golf clubs need re-grooving. Worn down grooves results to lesser ball control and ball spin during your game. If you feel like losing ball control, it may not be your skill that is the problem but your club grooves.

You can also give more time in cleaning your golf equipment as well as the other gears and accessories like bag, umbrellas and jackets. They may have born defects that you might not have noticed. Check the zippers and stitches of your bags. Make sure that they can still provide you with the protection needed by your equipment. The rest of your golf equipment must be viewed thoroughly to avoid inconveniences once you are back in the course.

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New Hybrids and Irons from Adams Golf

The leading company that produces hybrids and irons is releasing its new and innovative line of golf equipment. Adams Golf introduces the high performance and easily playable hybrids and irons applicable for golfers of wide variety of skill levels.

The Idea Tech V4 features new technology in hybrid and hybrid iron designs. A refinement of the Velocity Slots, the new line is characterized by a revolutionary cut-thru design which produces the same cut-thru levels like drivers.

Justin Girard, Adams Golf’s Senior Design Engineer says, “With refined Velocity Slots, we were able to produce a cut-thru (CT) around 240, which is what golfers will find in today’s drivers. This is something the industry hasn’t seen in a standard stainless steel hybrid. The increased CT is going to deliver a higher launch angle and higher ball speeds. Golfers will quickly notice that these hybrids are as hot as their drivers.”

The Idea Tech V4 comes in two distinct sets: a forged iron set and an all-hybrid set. Both come in high-performance stainless steels for golf players with wide skill ranges, from the single handicap to higher handicap golfers who aims for higher ball launch and farther distance.

The clubs are available for both right handed and left handed golfers. Regular and stiff flexes are also available to choose from. A club set with satin finish is also available and specifically designed for women golfers. Adams Golf, the world’s number one maker of hybrids on tour is all set to create more innovative products to give golfers more fun and enjoyment during their golf game.

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Tips for Your Golf Equipment

Many golfers find themselves discouraged whenever they fail to deliver the right shots. They must understand that right shots are obtained by proper golf skills complemented with proper equipment. Golfers trying to find the right equipment may consider the following tips.

Beginners who plan to buy used equipment must examine each club before purchase. Each part of the club like the shaft, grip and club head must be inspected before it reaches your golf bag. Buying a set of equipment may also be an option. In doing so, make sure that the set has consistency so that each unit will not be wasted in any manner. Try comparing the prices of the used and brand new equipment to avoid regrets later on.

Players who find their grip worn and need replacement must be careful in doing so. Remember that the grip is your only point of contact thus the only part that connects you to the ball. In trying to re-grip your golf clubs, you must consider the size of the core grip and so is your hand’s grip size. You may seek the help of golf shop retailers to find the right size and best material for you.

The type of shaft may make or break your performance. Choose a club shaft that suits you best. Professional players usually go for steel shafts while neophytes, senior and women golfers oftentimes opt to use shafts made of graphite though they are usually more expensive.

When purchasing brand new golf equipment, it is best to have them customized according to your specifications. Clubfitting, though may add cost, is always a good idea. It is the process where golf clubs are modified according to the golfer’s strength, height and swing speed and styles.

Having the right equipment combined with the right skill will enable you to reach your highest potential as a golfer.

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Golfers Gain With New Golf Clubs

Technology has greatly influenced the way golf equipment is designed and manufactured. Golf clubs nowadays have superb characteristics.

As what senior Iowa Men’s Golfer, Steve Ihm, said, “My driver has more than 100 different settings on it. I can do things like add or remove weights or change the loft. There really isn’t a single thing that you can’t change.”

Golf clubs are no longer the same as they were. Drivers now have several options which golfers can choose from to help them achieve the distances they aim for. Different weights can be fastened into the club to meet the desired output. Loft angles can be adjusted to affect the ball as wanted. Driver heads are using the principles of aerodynamics to boost club speed and go against wind resistances.

Jeff Moore, Finkbine’s Director of Golf, said, “Clubs changed more in the late-90s and early 2000s than they have in recent years. With the way that clubs can be adjusted, someone who doesn’t hit certain clubs as well can make changes so they can hit them better.”

Since new lines of equipment are released every now and then, golfers also tend to change equipment often. Hawkeye Ian Vandersee changes wedges twice-, and irons once in a year since he wears them down quickly. Even then, he doesn’t get any trouble adjusting his swing to the new equipment. “I don’t think that people understand how incredible golf technology is. There are engineers working on clubs to get the specifications down to a ‘T.’ Any player can get exactly what he wants in a club,” he said.

Indeed, the Iowa Men’s Golf players seem to have the right clubs they need to achieve their best potentials.

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The Real Loft of Golf

Each of your golf clubs has its unique technical specifications. One of the things you need to look at when choosing a club is the so-called loft angle.

Loft angle, in simple words, is how much your golf club head’s face is tilted back. Each golf club head has its own face loft angle. The same applies to your putter. The loft angle is the major reason why each of your golf clubs hits the ball a different distance. Each shot is the result of the relationship between your swing speed and your club head’s loft angle.

In case you were wondering, you can’t actually measure your club’s loft with a protractor or ruler. It takes a special gauge to measure the loft. You have to rely on the specifications of the club that are provided by the manufacturer. The specifications, however, are not exact, due to the permitted plus or minus tolerances.

Some golfers are a little misguided about how loft affects their shots. They think that a driver will hit a longer distance if it has a lower loft. Little do they know that the club head’s speed and the ball’s attack angle are also factors in the shot. The driver loft has to be optimized to an individual’s swing and stance, in order to achieve the maximum distance. For example, a slower swing and more downward angle of attack towards the ball must be paired with a higher driver loft to get the full distance.

All these technicalities can really be confusing for beginning golfers. Aspiring professional golfers must have a loft that matches their swing. You will perform the best with personalized clubs produced by reputable club makers. Club designers, makers and factories use special measuring gauges and tools to meet your specific needs.

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