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Metal Age in the Golf World

metal golf clubsSanta Cruz, California has become a haven for golfers having several golf locations in town. You can find two golf courses, a mini golf course and another golf emporium in the county aside from the world renowned Pebbles Beach. These scenic spots and golf locations set the stage for competition over the use of the most advanced golf technology.

Carroll County Times mentioned in its April 2012 article that club manufacturers are focusing in restraining the golf club’s ‘moment of inertia’. The term ‘moment of inertia’ of a golf club is the measurement of its resistance during contact with the golf ball. Modern golf clubs are usually made of metals and help golfers to deliver swing shots of 2 to 4 miles per hour faster ball speed compared to using wooden golf clubs. Golf used wooden clubs since it started evolving in the 19th century. All female members of the UCSC golf team are currently using metal clubs. Metal clubs allow the golfers to hit the ball further and therefore brought forth tricky golf courses and longer fairways.

UCSC’s golf coach for women, Paulette Pera, remembered learning golf and played using wooden clubs. She said, “Because new technology makes play longer, they are building longer courses and tougher greens. Everyone had wood clubs when I started. When I switched from wood to metal clubs, I couldn’t get used to the new sound they made.”

Pera added that none of her team members has ever played using wooden golf clubs. She also said that her team required new equipment to become more competitive compared with other college teams. She admits that playing with metal clubs becomes a big advantage for a golfer.

Pasatiempo Golf Club assistant golf professional Matt Mackey said, “Technology has done a lot for the game in terms of amateur playability. The equipment and physical ability in the game today have both improved exponentially.”

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O’Hair Tied to the New Unnamed TaylorMade Protype Iron

Sean O'Hair Tries New TaylorMade Iron There has been a lot of hearsay and discussion recently that TaylorMade is working on releasing a new line of irons. The iron is still unnamed and was perceived to be what Sean O’Hair was sporting at the TPC Summerlin Tournament held in Las Vegas recently.

Though there was still no official announcement confirming the rumor, speculations became stronger when O’Hair was observed using a cavity-back iron during a rehearsal for the PGA Tour’s Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open. Even more suspicions arose because of the camouflage badge covering the cavity area of the iron.

A badge is usually used to cover some confidential information about a prototype product like the product name, symbol, or any other information which are yet to be officially launched. The clubhead was obviously a perimeter-weighted cavity-back with a polymer-filled slot in the sole part.

The product is being associated with TaylorMade because of the company’s RocketBallz line of woods. RocketBallz became a huge success in providing golfers with enhanced distances through the use of slots. The prototype iron used by O’Hair is perceived to enhance the golfer’s driving distances, as well.

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New Brand of Golf Clubs from Tennessee

Tennessee has never gotten short of having itself represented in the sport golf. A Chattanooga-based company, Scratch Golf, is now up into club-making business. Sooner or later, we shall see this brand in the list of winning golf clubs.

“We’ve been close,” says the company co-founder, Ari Techner. The company manufactures 45 wedges for LPGA Tour golfer Cristie Kerr in each season. Some of the golf clubs used by PGA Tour professionals David Duval and Ryan Moore are also of this brand.

Techner and his co-founder Jeff McCoy dream of their golf clubs to be appealing and used by both professional golfers and amateurs alike. Techner shared, “We do a full fitting, going from someone who knows nothing to getting the clubs they need.”

Scratch Golf is also into custom fitting of golf clubs. They modify and customize clubs based on the preferences and skills of their customers. A wide range of options for club and grip stamping are also available. Shaft designs and paints can also be modified. One of their clubs was customized and stamped with ‘The Ultimate Human’ as requested by one of their customers.

McCoy, himself, finds it odd. “But I’m not making the clubs for myself. Whatever makes them happy. They peel that bubble wrap off their new clubs, and they get that smile on their faces,” he admits.

Both founders never thought that the company would head this direction during the time that they were conceptualizing the business. “We started in a one-car garage. They were truly garage golf clubs. … Things have definitely evolved… Maybe someday, we’ll have a museum,” says the amused yet aspiring McCoy.

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Chipped Digital Golf Clubs by Nike

Nike has always wanted to make golfing easier by providing accurate information based on each golfer’s performance. Being the world’s largest manufacturer of sporting goods, the company spent huge amount of resources in the development and patenting the data collecting sensors for golf clubs.

Computer chip sensors with display screens are embedded at the back of the golf club heads. These sensors can analyze, interpret and display the data collected from the golfer’s swing shot. The data can then be used for a faster and more accurate fitting of golf clubs.

The rationale behind chipped golf clubs is the need for more accurate club fitting. They believe that the current custom fitting procedure is outdated and may be inaccurate. The use of computer chips will generate more precise information which can be bases for more effective club fitting.

The company also recently released a wristband capable of monitoring an athlete’s daily activity. Another data collection system was also patented in their favor. The system embeds data collection sensors and transmitters in shoes which can monitor the time and distance elapsed during a run or walk. The collected data may be forwarded to a mobile device or computer for further applications.

Nike believes that the technology will abolish the uncertainty committed by the traditional club fitting procedures. The trial and error then becomes a process of more accurate and technology aided digital analysis of golf performances.

Nike has been innovating sports equipment through by the use of digital technology. The increased time spent by the consumers with their brand brings increased loyalty and eventually, sales.

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The New Driver from Adams Golf

The new Speedline Tech is the work output of Adams Golf’s hard working technicians who never stopped the pursuit of delivering better performing drivers.

This new line of golf driver is proud of its aerodynamic shape and uncomplicated adjustability features. It features the new face technology called 3DS and constructed from lightweight materials. All these features are brought together to give golfers a shot that is 54% more accurate and 11 yards farther distance.

The company’s Vice President of Research and Development, Tim Reed, shared that advanced construction methods were used to further refine the driver technologies. These methods were developed over long periods of research to be able to deliver the best performing driver suitable for golfers. Both professionals and beginners will surely enjoy the features of the new Speedline Tech drivers.

“It is easy for the golfer to make adjustments and find their perfect ball flight while achieving even higher swing speeds and more distance though our aerodynamic shaping,” said Reed. The shapes and curves of the clubhead are designed to cut through air faster for greater speed and shot distance. The ideal ball spin and launch are achieved through the club’s 3DS Face Technology.

The technology platform launched by Adams Golf garnered positive feedback from the laboratory professionals to aerodynamic experts and to players alike.

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Fourteen Golf’s RM-11 Wedges

Fourteen Golf is a budding golf equipment company many golfers may not be familiar of. But, a small company that it is strives hard as it rises in the industry. The company is known for manufacturing well-designed and good quality irons and wedges. Golf professionals Ryuji Imada and Arjun Atwal recently signed equipment deals with them.

The company’s new wedge, the RM-11, proves their continuing tradition of producing clubs with innovative designs to help golfers gain better scores. They developed grooves which have areas in trapezoidal shape and are 15% larger than standard V-grooves. All new specifications conform and abide to the USGA Regulations.

The shapes of the clubheads also have slight variations depending on its loft angle. The loft angles vary from 48 to 60 degrees and bounces between 6 to 12 degrees. The shape becomes more compressed from heel to toe as the loft angle increases. The increased loft provides increased control allowing the player to easily hit the right spot even at shorter swings.

There are lots of clubs and wedges available in the market to choose from. Many of which are manufactured by the big names of golf equipment companies. However, the product lines of Fourteen Golf are no less quality than the others. This is something that has been tested and one can vouch his name for.

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A Very Fitting Story at Mid Season

Kevin Tarsa, an editorial intern at Golf Digest, picked a golf club in 2009 by comparing the different ball flights produced by the clubs. He tried out a number of branded clubs at an outdoor range and chose the one he felt was the best.

Kevin was satisfied with his clubs, but he recently became interested in club fitting and the benefits it would offer his game. The spark of inspiration came from the many positive reviews he had seen about the process. He finally decided to try it out for himself. He put his familiar and well-used clubs to the test, wanting to find out if they were really the best clubs for him. He soon found out some surprising facts.

Through the use of a launch monitor, he learned that the ball was spinning too much. Woody Lashen, his club fitter, also noticed that the club shaft was not stiff enough.

After an hour, the perfect club fit for him was identified: a Titleist 910D3 head with an Oban Kiyoshi shaft. With the new club, ball spin was controlled but ball speed was faster.

Much to Kevin’s surprise, when he tested his new club on his favorite golf course, his game was totally transformed. The ball traveled smoothly and easily, even around hazards he used to fail in reaching. His usual problem of a left miss was also gone.

Kevin’s decision to visit Pete’s Golf for a club fitting led to an eye-opening experience. He promised himself that he would never buy golf clubs off the shelf again. He wished he had taken advantage of the technology and had the complete metal woods club fitting done years ago. A more confident Kevin Tarsa is now on the course, carrying his custom-fit clubs.

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In Focus Martin Sheen Airs About Sports Technology

Technology has indeed evolved far beyond what our ancestors could have dreamed of. Lives have changed and all aspects of our our lives have been influenced by technology. Through advanced technology, life became more convenient and efficient. We get things done faster and easier. This same technology made our play time more pleasurable.

One example is the golf industry. Golf clubs are now manufactured with lighter materials that create greater impact, accuracy, speed and distance. Golf balls now have features that you couldn’t even imagine it has. Electronic devices are now available for easy access of information and data. All these are influenced by technology.

Golf shafts also have evolved. Shafts are no longer rigid types but flexes as the golfer swings. The flex was developed to allow older golfers to achieve more powerful and better shots. Golf clubs are customized nowadays to suit each player’s requirements. Every player is known to have his own swing characteristics producing different ball tendencies and flight trajectories.

By customizing the golf clubs through manipulating the weight of the club head, the foreseen tendency of the ball’s direction can be corrected. Therefore, it makes the inconsistencies and shot impairments evened out to provide the players with the best possible golf shots.

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Most Costly Golf Equipment You Can Find

Many people think of golf as an expensive hobby and the sport of the wealthy and powerful. For the benefit of all the avid golfers willing to spend good money on the sport, here is some of the most expensive golf equipment you can find on the market.

Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Mizuno are established club manufacturers. But even the most expensive of their product lines do not match HONMA’s Five Star custom fitted clubs. Manufactured in Japan, the club set is made of platinum and gold, just as you might expect from the $32,000 price tag. Using these ultra-expensive clubs puts you in an elite group with Donald Trump and Jack Nicholson.

You might also consider purchasing an Odyssey diamond-encrusted putter to add style and distinction to your set of golf clubs. It costs about $161,000, and the head is made of white gold, adorned with hundreds of rubies and diamonds. The most expensive golf ball you can buy is the Dixon Fire eco-golf ball, costing around $75 per dozen. It is far more costly than the new Nike 20Xi or even the Titleist ProV1 ball.

If you want to look your best the moment you step on the greens, get a pair of John Lobb golf shoes. These shoes are personally designed for you from your choice of a wide variety of materials. Though you might have to wait six months for a pair, the time and expense are worth it since you will be wearing shoes that nobody else in the world owns.

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European Tour Golfer Disqualified Due to Caddie’s Mistake

Just like other sports competitions, golf tournaments have many rules and regulations to ensure fairness and orderliness at the event. There are various reasons for which a golfer can be disqualified from a tournament. One reason is running out of golf balls, a problem John Daly experienced in the Australian Open last year. A player can also be disqualified if he comes in late like Jim Furyk did in the 2010 FedEx Cup.

Jose Manuel Lara’s experience involved a different error. The Spanish golfer was disqualified from the European Tour’s BMW International, held in Cologne, Germany. The reason? His caddie mistakenly brought in an extra club.
There is a maximum number of clubs a golfer can carry on a tour. It’s the caddie’s job to make sure the golfer has no more 14 clubs in his bag. Lara’s caddie failed to double-check the number, until noticing on the second hole that there were 15 in the bag.

The issue could have been resolved in a more positive way, had Lara’s caddie communicated the problem. Lara would have had additional shots added to his score as a penalty for the mistake. But instead, Lara’s caddie did something very strange, an action he thought was right at that particular time. He sneaked into the bush to dispose of the extra club. He was caught in the act by two of the other golfers.

John Paramour, the chief referee of the tour, immediately disqualified Lara. He called it a “serious incident and warranted disqualification.” Lara ended up losing the chance for a paycheck and title, thanks to the caddie’s foolish action.

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