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ProQuip’s New Rain Suit

colin montgomerie jacket
Working hand-in-hand with Colin Montgomerie from inspiration to design, ProQuip is coming out with a technologically enhanced rain suit which is not only of good performance but highly breathable, comfortable and excellent weather-proofing, as well.

Labeled as the ‘Colin Montgomerie by ProQuip’ suit, this rain suit uses the award-winning ‘UltraLite’ fabric technology of ProQuip. The product combines technical excellence with specialized performance and classic style. The inner mesh lining of the jacket brings the theme, Montgomerie family tartan.

The famous icon from Scotland gladly spoke about the new product, saying, “It is special to be given the opportunity to create my own ‘signature’ on this product, especially as much of the detailing is personal to me, and because our Montgomerie family tartan lines each suit.”

ProQuip has been the preferred supplier for the European Ryder Cup teams for several years now. Montgomerie has been openly saying that he “enjoyed the performance benefits of ProQuip weather wear” whenever he uses them. “Indeed, reliability was never more relevant than at the 2010 Ryder Cup where we were kept safe from the elements by our ProQuip gear,” he added.

“Ultimately this product is about giving every golfer the best protection, whether competing at the highest level or playing a social round with friends. As a golfer, it is essential you have complete confidence and comfort from your weather wear and this was of primary importance as we discussed the design of this new suit,” Montgomerie further shared.

ProQuip General Manager Russell Brooks says: “Colin has taken great pride in his involvement with the rain suit and with his considerable experience from the Ryder Cup and the European Tour he has provided valuable insight in helping us to deliver a suit that performs week in and week out in all weather, for golfers of any ability.”

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Best Golf Jacket for Winter

heated jacket
Mobile Warming Gear is a company dedicated to provide the protection and needs of golfers who play in golf courses even during the cold and wet winter season. They recently launched a line of heated waterproof jackets especially designed for golf enthusiasts.

The materials used for the jacket are all waterproof, lightweight and breathable. Also featured is a 7.4-volt rechargeable lithium battery which allows temperature adjustment ranging from 90 to 130 degrees. The battery pack can last up to 10 hours, depending on its setting.

Mobile Warming Gear’s General Manager, Keith Apple, said, “When I started working for this company that made heated jackets, I was in the ski industry. I was giving my son-in-law heated vests made for skiing. He said, ‘this may work in golf.’ I said, ‘what would I have to do?’”

Apple’s son-in-law, Joe Lusardi, is an avid golfer and an assistant pro at the Locust Hill Country Club. He and his friends suggested on making the jacket’s collar lowered and to use lightweight stretch panel material in the arm pit side to provide flexibility during golf swings. USGA, eventually, gave the jacket its approval.

“The jacket is totally breathable and the membrane is similar to Gore-Tex. It’s 100 percent waterproof and has a waterproof zipper,” Apple added. Available in different styles for men and women, the jacket costs around $200 while vest-types at $160.

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