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The Return of Lorena Ochoa

Mexican Lorena Ochoa returns to professional golfing once again. But, just for a short while at the Lacoste Ladies Open de France of the Ladies European Tour at the Chantaco Golf Club in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, Aquitaine, France.

Ochoa, now 30 years old, was hailed as world number one for three years and holds a record of winning two majors and 27 more wins in different tournaments. She bid full-time golfing goodbye in 2010 and spent her time for her family and charity events.

When asked what brought her to play in the Lacoste Ladies Open de France, she said, “Having Lacoste as a sponsor, they asked me to come and play the tournament. They asked me actually last year and I couldn’t because I was pregnant so I said, no, it would be too difficult for me. I prefer to wait for next year. Here I am and I’m very happy to support the tournament.”

Ochoa has liked the Chantaco Golf Club ever since she played there for an exhibition game some four years ago. She still remembers some of the holes and its management though she admits finding it difficult yet interesting because some greens are quick and rippling.

She keeps herself busy in Mexico by spending time in her foundation and writing. Her book about personal life and experiences on being a professional golfer is about to come out very soon. Living a very relaxed but busy life back home, Ochoa confesses that she doesn’t practice golf anymore but assures everyone that she will do her best and put more pressure on herself for the tournament.

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A Look at the Hotel de Saint-Saens

The increasing airline fares fused with other costs set limit to what may be your best golf travel vacation in Europe, particularly in France. Some airlines offer cheaper fares but more often, add on costs incur from additional charges for carriages like golf bags, record high in passengers and other taxes.

One option for overseas golf travel vacation without having all these additional charges is through the use of Eurotunnel. Thirty five minutes is all you need to cross from Calais to Folkestone. The travel is easy and you won’t have to check-in two hours prior to the time of departure. Some packages are also offered wherein you can avail of some freebies during travel.

Good value deal is not the only thing France can boast of that can entice golf tourists. This part of Europe is also rich with the finest world-class golf courses.

Aside from the very popular Le Touquet and Hardelot, France is also the home of Golf Hotel de Saint-Saens. The resort is such a nice place to visit during holiday breaks offering the peace and relaxation you cannot find in other travel destinations. You will find more cyclists than cars in the surrounding roads that bring a more serene feeling.

Upon arrival at the golf resort, warm and skilled receptionists will assist you in the procedures so you won’t have to bother about language difference. The procedure is very quick because they value the time of their clients. Golfers are less likely to be late during tee-times since the entrance to the chateau is just stone’s throw away.

Any golfer will not take long before he can say that Golf Hotel de Saint-Saens is an enjoyable place and would want to visit again. The course may not be the longest in the world but the layout and architecture demands for accuracy and good course management. Each hole has a different feel and will surely put your golf skills to test. The dazzling chateau which frames the 18th hole and its surrounding greens will lock your eyesight as it offers an awesome feeling while completing the round.

Experience the stunning Saint-Saens and you will find yourself going back in one of France’s hidden gems.

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The Eurotunnel Makes France and Belgium Golf Tours Easy

Are you considering a golf vacation in France or Belgium? It seems that most tour packages on the market rely on air travel, which can be quite costly. What about taking the Eurotunnel instead? Here is why this idea makes sense.

Bringing your favorite golf clubs on your trip means extra fees for most airlines. Failing that, you can always rent golf clubs on location, but they just don’t feel the same or provide the same satisfaction as your personal set of clubs. Plus, it’s still an added expense.

Taking the Eurotunnel will rid you of these and other hassles. You can even bring a car, giving you the freedom to go from town to town and make the most of your European golf vacation. Traveling with your own car also means more space for your belongings. “Pack light,” a common rule for travelers, doesn’t have to apply in this case.

France and Belgium hold great appeal for golf travelers. Both countries have top caliber golf destinations to choose from. Make some of their championship golf courses part of your elite experience and you won’t be disappointed.

The Eurotunnel offers the fastest travel time and quickest way to the fairways. It is operational all throughout the year. You can take advantage of the opportunity to relax in the comfort of your own car during the 35-minute crossing. With a little careful planning, your experience will surely be simple and problem-free. There is no doubt that travel via the Eurotunnel is becoming the preferred choice for golf vacationers.

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