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The Golf World Welcomes A Better ECCO

Ecco Golf ShoesECCO already gave a glimpse of what customers can expect from the footwear giant, come 2013. Both men and women golfers are foreseen to be hollering once the new product line of this Danish golf shoes enters the market.

The newly introduced footwear is impressive, from its style to its quality and technicality. A newer and better ECCO, indeed! “Each year, our innovations set the bar even higher and gain ECCO legions of new fans worldwide who appreciate the unique comfort, performance and style characteristics of our shoes,” says Michael Waack, Ecco’s Head of Global Golf.

The men’s line comprise of the new Tour Hybrid model that features a classic style and spikeless soles. The shoes are built based from the company’s award-winning Street EDTS (ECCO Dynamic Traction System) outsole which is also found in the BIOM Hybrid line. Approximately 100 traction bars comprise the configuration of this patented shoe. More than 800 traction angles made from TPU gives better grip in both wet and dry conditions apart from being highly durable and water resistant.

The women’s line, on the other hand, features mixed styles, colors and technology. Both amateur and professional golfers are expected to enjoy and benefit from the modern features of the new ECCO shoes. The golf shoes are designed to maximize the performances of the golfers during the game while elevating their fashion sense in and out of the golf course.

Waack added, “Our golf business was initially built through the women’s market and 2013 marks a glorious return to these roots with a collection that is undoubtedly our strongest yet. Whether she is a traditional or fashion-forward dresser, no woman will have trouble finding her latest shoe obsession in this amazing collection.” Both the men’s and women’s collection will hit the global market by early January.

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GoBe Golf Launches New Golf Footwear

GoBe Golf spent several years of research and development to produce the perfect line of golf shoes for their consumers. GoBe’s PurTecTM style is made of a water resistant material that works 20 times better than other treated leathers. It is stain resistant, breathable and durable whether in hot or wet conditions.

The GoBe DryTM line is designed to manage inner moisture through drainage channels and aeration holes thus keeping the feet from perspiration. The feet are also kept cool, fresh and dry through the use of moisture absorbent fiber lining. It is also breathable with anti microbial and anti odor properties.

The outsole of the shoes, the patent-pending Talon, innovatively uses a molded 5-point star patterned traction designed to provide each swing a maximum grip but keeping the turf from damage. The traction stripes complement the star treads giving golfers the stability even during powerful swings. Dirt and debris are kept from building up by strategically spacing the stars.

Allen added, “The stars are a terrific breakthrough in tread design because the five points on the stars can really grip the grass without creating the pressure points traditional cleats cause which tire feet.”

“The traction stripes are placed right where your feet need the most support during the swing to keep from sliding; it’s added insurance against slippage. The confidence you get from those traction points will make a big difference in the power of your swing,” he expounded.

The GoBe Golf shoes are made of a deep heel cup last from Europe ensuring that the foot is in place during the game while the wide toe area gives the foot a natural feel keeping it comfortable.

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