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Callaway Launches New Adjustable Driver

RAZR Fit XtremeJust 13 months after it launched its first adjustable driver, Callaway introduced its second one, the new RAZR Fit Xtreme! The newly released driver boasts of its construction and design with claim that the new product “will not be matched”.

Alan Hocknell, Callaway Senior Vice President of Research and Development, says that the new RAZR Fit Xtreme started peeking in the market piece-by-piece through a Twitter campaign. Its hashtag ‘#LongestDriverInGolf’ became a trending topic in about an hour.

The unique promotion technique exposed the new driver’s look and technology. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme carries the combination of Callaway technologies found in both the FT Tour and RAZR Hawk drivers but innovated with its adjustable hosel and weights technology.

The RAZR Fit Xtreme, which has been included in the list of USGA’s conforming drivers, allows golfers to adjust driver settings in two aspects: in face angle and weight placement. The face angle can be set to either open, square or closed while the weight placement can adjusted away from the center of gravity to improve ball flight. While the RAZR Fit comes with four lofts, the new RAZR Fit XtReme’s head design now comes with five lofts. Each loft allows the bulge radius to change giving golfers of different handicaps and speeds some flexibility.

“We worked tirelessly to improve on the best distance characteristics of our longest drivers and the result is incredibly fast ball speed, plus the lowest CG of any adjustable driver in golf,” Hocknell assured. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme can be grabbed in the market starting January 18, 2013 at around $400.

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Modern VRS Covert Driver by Nike Golf

VRS Covert Driver By Nike GolfNike Golf’s never-ending effort to provide its customers with innovative products is once again proven at the Global Innovation Summit held in Orlando, Florida. The event hosted by the company was filled with modern technology and innovative designs which have also become the talk-of-the-industry. Historically, Nike Golf is the first company that produced the high-speed cavity back drivers that conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Adding to the company’s long list of dependable products is the new VRS Covert driver, the design and engineering of which put the customers in awe. The new driver’s FlexLoft adjustability system allows the user to change lofts and face angles easily, at any time. This single driver can provide up to fifteen different options giving golfers wider chances of meeting their swing characteristics and needs.

The Global Golf Club Business Director of Nike Golf, Rob Arluna, boasts of their new product, saying, “With the VRS Covert, we have created a game changing piece of technology that has already begun a growing industry buzz. It is visually exciting, it feels and sounds amazing and, most importantly, it creates powerful results with a high degree of control. Golfers and our Nike Golf Tour athletes are going to have a lot of fun with this driver.”

The overall design of the new driver delivers more stability, higher energy, farther distance and greater control during and after impact. All these are aside from its visually pleasing and easy adjustment features. The VRS Covert driver will be available in golf stores by early 2013.

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Anser Driver and Fairway Woods by Ping

Ping is one of the few golf companies which has launched many of the so-good stuff we have right now in our bags and in the market. To name a few, the Nome putter is still hot in the current market aside from the G-20 series, S-56 irons and i10 drivers which are all appreciated by both professional and amateur golfers.

Anser is a Ping trademark that has been popular for quite a time now. Who can forget the logic behind the name ‘Anser’? That is, it was a short-hand for ‘answer’ which does not fit within the space at the back of the putter.

The new line of Anser drivers and fairway woods deliver just what is expected from Ping, good quality and innovative equipment. This new line of driver can have adjustments without the complications. No one could have then thought such possibility among golf drivers.

Anser delivers lower spin rates giving more distances at the same level of effort. The top of the driver has a cool matte black finish that is so elegant in sight. It brings that shiny glare especially when swinging under the bright sun. The rounded shape of the clubhead gives a more forgiving feel during mishit compared to that of i20. This has also been proven during equipment testing. The fairway woods are also not deep compared to other brands. They allow you to get the ball lying tight in the fairways.

Ping is widely accepted in the market because they produce golf equipment that performs well and looks good at the same time. Theirs is simply impressive.

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The New Driver from Adams Golf

The new Speedline Tech is the work output of Adams Golf’s hard working technicians who never stopped the pursuit of delivering better performing drivers.

This new line of golf driver is proud of its aerodynamic shape and uncomplicated adjustability features. It features the new face technology called 3DS and constructed from lightweight materials. All these features are brought together to give golfers a shot that is 54% more accurate and 11 yards farther distance.

The company’s Vice President of Research and Development, Tim Reed, shared that advanced construction methods were used to further refine the driver technologies. These methods were developed over long periods of research to be able to deliver the best performing driver suitable for golfers. Both professionals and beginners will surely enjoy the features of the new Speedline Tech drivers.

“It is easy for the golfer to make adjustments and find their perfect ball flight while achieving even higher swing speeds and more distance though our aerodynamic shaping,” said Reed. The shapes and curves of the clubhead are designed to cut through air faster for greater speed and shot distance. The ideal ball spin and launch are achieved through the club’s 3DS Face Technology.

The technology platform launched by Adams Golf garnered positive feedback from the laboratory professionals to aerodynamic experts and to players alike.

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The Beauty of Miura Golf’s SIT-460 Driver

One of the best known manufacturers of golf equipment is the Miura Golf founded by the legendary club maker Katsuhiro Miura. The company was best known for its individually forged irons since the Miura family started out in the samurai sword-making business. Their product offerings have expanded over the course of time including irons, wedges and hybrids, all of which are still forged.

Miura Golf unveiled its latest addition to its product lines, the SIT-460 driver which is an all-titanium, two-piece driver head that stands longer but significantly smaller among its competing brands. It features a deeper or taller clubface making it appear more compact but feels heavier when addressed. The heavy feel is ideal for players who lose the feel where the clubhead is during a backswing. The club’s swingweight, however, can be adjusted by a trained Miura club fitter according to the player’s preferences.

The downside of the Miura Golf’s SIT-460 driver however is its cost. Amounting to around $595, many golfers would easily let go off the product to choose a cheaper brand. Another limitation is the product’s available versions. The company is only producing drivers at 9 and 10.5 degrees and for right handed version. Remember that, the company started out manufacturing samurais which are also prohibited for left-handed fighters.

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Adams Golf Releases New Driver Technology

Adams Golf recently released the new generation of drivers with revolutionized technology, the Speedline Tech Driver.
The 6G aerodynamic technology led to the Speedline Tech’s shape that gives golfers a better swing speed and longer distances. The enhancement is through the help of the driver’s aerodynamically designed size, slope and curves that allows the club to cut through air faster.

To meet the personal requirements of each golfer, quick and easy customization of the clubs are provided by the driver’s FASTfit Adjustability feature. The club’s hosel can be easily be tuned by adjusting the screws and rotating the club head to fit the golfer’s required specifications. Loft angles are also adjustable up to ±1 degree.

Based on intensive research, Adam’s Golf found that most golfers put the impact in the clubface’s high toe area towards the center then to its low heel area. Thus, the innovative 3DS Face Technology is designed to provide the best spin when launched on the hitting zones of the clubface subsequently producing 54% more accurate and 11 yards longer shots. The driver is also constructed using multiple lightweight materials. The titanium chassis is attached with carbon-fiber wings producing a lighter club that gives golfers easy swings and better performances.

All these confirmed what Tim Reed, the Vice President of Research and Development said. That is, “We used advanced construction methods and made refinements to driver technologies that we’ve developed over time to make this our most customizable and best performing driver for golfers of all skill levels. It’s easy for the golfer to make adjustments and find their perfect ball flight while achieving even higher swing speeds and more distance through our aerodynamic shaping.”

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Just What Swingweight is All About

Swingweight is not a measure of your golf club’s weight in grams or pounds. Technically, it is the ratio of the weight of the club’s lower 2/3 part to its upper 1/3 part. Some golfers describe it as the amount of presence of the clubhead’s weight as they swing. Swingweight is one reason why clubfitting is beneficial for every golfer. Golf clubs must be built with a weight that matches the golfer’s swing rhythm, timing and strength.

A golfer who swings with stronger force but uses a low swingweight will tend to struggle maintaining a comfortable swing and will eventually lead to off center hits. Likewise, a weaker golfer using greater swingweight will be uncomfortable using clubs that feels too heavy for him and will not yield to desired shots.

Swingweight, which is described with a combination of a letter and a number such as C3 and D4, serves as the golfer’s reference point as to how heavy or light the golf club personally feels. However, once the golfer has found the club which feels right for him, it does not necessarily follow that its swingweight is applicable for all clubs.

The swingweight of the driver used in one shaft will not feel the same when the driver is used in another shaft with different length. Therefore, changing the shaft weight of your club will require the golfer to undergo testing procedures to find the swingweight that matches. Experienced custom clubfitters may be consulted to find the best specifications that match each golfer’s need.

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The Effect of COR in Your Shot

COR, which is short for Coefficient of Restitution is technically the measurement of the energy transfer between the collisions of two objects. It can be expressed as a number between 0 and 1. Knowledgeable golfers define COR as a value that represents how far a shot can go using a particular clubhead given a certain swing speed.

The term COR entered and became accepted in the golf industry language when the USGA clamored about the increased distances golf professionals made way back in 1998. Blaming the newly released titanium drivers at that time, the USGA came up with a rule placing a limited value of COR of all driver faces. The decision was made without any hesitation or further research.

Then if USGA places 0.83 as the COR limit of driver faces, it means that the energy transfer between the driver head and the golf ball must not be more than 83%. Otherwise, the driver will not conform to the standard rules of golf set by the association.

But the thing is, there is always a loss of energy during a collision between the clubhead and the ball since the clubhead face flexes inward while the ball is compressed towards the face. Scientists believe that 80% of the lost energy comes from the ball while the other 20% comes is resulted by the clubhead. The higher COR, therefore, means that the clubhead is designed to allow more inward flexing to prevent the ball from compressing too much towards the club face. So clubheads with higher COR tends to go farther distance regardless of the clubhead speed.

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