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The Right Golf Equipment for You

the right golf equipmentGolf is a sport that calls for precision and perfection. To achieve ultimate results, it is important to get the right golf equipment suited for the player. Choosing the right golf equipment will allow you to play and experience ultimately satisfying round of game. With all these in mind, don’t allow yourself to settle for anything less than perfectly fit golf equipment. But, the question that may pop out of your mind is… Which golf equipment is the right one for you?

First, let us discuss what is not. Getting the most expensive brand and model of golf equipment does not assure you of delivering the performance you need. Yes, it may be good but it may not be the best for you. It just doesn’t work that way. There are also cheaper brands that work as good as the famous brands.

Another misunderstanding about getting the right golf equipment is the principle that the more golf clubs there is, the more chances of winning. The important thing is focusing on what you need and getting the right one for you.

Before you can find the equipment best suited just for you, it is important to understand your body measurements, swing characteristics, and mode of playing. These factors will give you the specifications on what type of golf equipment you need. Understanding this information beforehand will prevent you from buying expensive golf equipment and find them useless later on. It will also not hurt you at all if you will go and seek out advice from professionals in golf outlets and online stores.

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New Golf Store for Patrick Collins Golf

patrick collins golf
A new golf store was opened by Patrick Collins Golf at the New Malton Golf Club. The store also offers detailed and precise golf equipment fitting as well as swing analysis and assessment for avid golfers.

The fitting center also provides golfers with wide variety of services with the help of the latest club fitting software to ensure perfectly fit golf equipment suitable for each player. The latest equipment of swing analyses is also used to help golfers improve their swings.

Reliable and dedicated professional staff will meet you at the center. They are trained to be customer oriented to ensure that players are involved during the process of custom fitting.

“Custom fitting of golf clubs makes a huge difference to the way a player is able to play the game. No golfer has the same swing and that uniqueness makes this sport such an interesting and challenging field in which to work,” Patrick Collins said. “Through custom fitting you are able to have clubs made to work with you and your swing to allow you to play to the best of your ability and improve your enjoyment on the course,” he added.

Aside from the above mentioned services, the store also features many top brands in golf equipment including Lyle & Scott, Cleveland Golf, MD Golf, Kikkor Golf, JS International, Srixon and Rife putters.

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A Debate on Custom Fitting

Most golfers probably have heard about the advantages of having their golf clubs custom fitted for them but statistics report that about 70% of players still go for standard clubs offered in the shelves. We can then conclude that more golfers are still unconvinced of what custom fitting claims it is.

One issue that remains debatable in the golf world is the question – Is the golfer’s performance really affected by the golf equipment?

Well, in reference to several informal case studies of golfers complaining about their shots, when they were given new equipment matched to their skills and styles, a significant increase on their performances was found. Therefore, if asked whether the performance of the golfer is affected his equipment, we can simply say that, “Yes, it does.” This statement has been proven by the different cases of different golfers who have experienced playing using custom fitted golf clubs.

However, let us take note that what improved the golfer’s performance was not the ‘change of equipment’ itself but changing into an equipment that ‘fits the player’. Customization is the key here. Changing into another equipment, regardless of its cost may still impair the player’s performance if not customized according to his needs. What needs to be done is to find the right clubs that best suits the golfer’s personal shot requirements.

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