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Simpson, Ready Even If Long Putters Will Be Banned

webb simpsonWebb Simpson is an apparent user of long putters. The US Open champion is among the three golfers who have won in the major tournament using the long golf club. Though he is not anxious at all even if this type of putter is banned, he admits that he finds this probable action incorrect.

The American golfer has already started golfing using the conventional putter as a preparation for the probable change in the Rules of Golf. It has been quite a time since the USGA and the R&A was bombarded with different concerns and have been in discussion about banning the long putters in competitions. The two agencies are the governing bodies of golf.

Simpson said during an interview at the PGA Grand Slam of Golf held in Bermuda, “There’s a bunch of arguments going around but I haven’t heard a good one yet. I’m friends with a lot of the R&A guys and the USGA guys. It’s nothing personal and I know they are trying to do it for the betterment of the game, but I don’t think it’s a good decision.”

He has been using belly putters since 2004 but he believes that there is no strong evidence that long putters gave any player an advantage during a game. “It’s going to be tough if they do ban it. It’s going to be tough for a lot of people, not just players. It’s going to be tough for committees to really have a stance on it and explain why,” he added.

The 27-year-old golfer also shared, “What I found was I just became a more consistent putter. I don’t get hot quite as much. I don’t get cold quite as much. With the short putter, I was a real streaky putter, so in my head I figured if I want to play this game for a long time, I don’t want my putting to be such highs and lows.” Simpson further believes that there are other rules that need much more attention than this.

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A Debate on Custom Fitting

Most golfers probably have heard about the advantages of having their golf clubs custom fitted for them but statistics report that about 70% of players still go for standard clubs offered in the shelves. We can then conclude that more golfers are still unconvinced of what custom fitting claims it is.

One issue that remains debatable in the golf world is the question – Is the golfer’s performance really affected by the golf equipment?

Well, in reference to several informal case studies of golfers complaining about their shots, when they were given new equipment matched to their skills and styles, a significant increase on their performances was found. Therefore, if asked whether the performance of the golfer is affected his equipment, we can simply say that, “Yes, it does.” This statement has been proven by the different cases of different golfers who have experienced playing using custom fitted golf clubs.

However, let us take note that what improved the golfer’s performance was not the ‘change of equipment’ itself but changing into an equipment that ‘fits the player’. Customization is the key here. Changing into another equipment, regardless of its cost may still impair the player’s performance if not customized according to his needs. What needs to be done is to find the right clubs that best suits the golfer’s personal shot requirements.

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