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TaylorMade’s Latest and Biggest Innovation on Irons

taylormade driverBoth golf players and followers have been anticipating the new golf club TaylorMade has in its doorstep. The curiosity of many sparked when Sean O’Hair was spotted using TaylorMade’s prototype iron at the Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospital for Children Open.

The president and CEO of TaylorMade, Mark King, ended all inquiries and speculations by officially announcing the company’s new product, the RocketBladez iron. The club is said to be the biggest innovation in the history of irons.
Though RocketBladez is in its early stage in the market, its ‘Speed Pocket’ feature is already intriguing. Speed Pocket is a slot located at the sole of the 3- through 7- irons. Its width is about two millimeters and is filled with a polyurethane material which flexes upon impact. This concept was inspired and adapted from the company’s RocketBallz line of fairway woods and hybrid.

Intensive study by the company’s set of design engineers revealed that almost 70% of iron impacts do not hit the center of the club face but instead, below the center of the club face. The RocketBladez’s face, therefore, is designed to be 11% thinner than the previous iron faces with Speed Pocket that enhances the ball speed and driving distance during and after impact. The thin iron face also helps golfers achieve a better launch angle and faster ball speed.

TaylorMade has indeed made another great contribution in the golf technology and equipment.

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New Serene Line by Ping

After releasing their Faith line more than two years ago, Ping is up again making big news as they launch their latest product for 2013, the Serene line.

The Serene line promises new and better set of clubs for women as it hit the stores in August 2013. Though Ping is popular for its focus on proper club fitting and customized options regardless of gender, the Serene clubs are specially designed for the swing styles of women offering more variable options compared to other brands offering women’s golf clubs.

One important feature offered in one variety of the Serene line is the flex weight options. Their ULT210 graphite shaft comes in Lite and Ultra Lite versions which are not usually available in the current market. Measuring at 45 inches long and available at 10.5, 12 and 14-degree loft angles, the serene driver has a wide body made of light titanium with an ultra-thin crown specially designed to optimize each launch.

Serene also offers hybrid-iron club sets that permit the golfer to choose and combine hybrids and irons according to his preference. Each club is affordable and may be bought by piece-meal making it easy for the golfer to build her Serene set one club at a time.

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Just What Swingweight is All About

Swingweight is not a measure of your golf club’s weight in grams or pounds. Technically, it is the ratio of the weight of the club’s lower 2/3 part to its upper 1/3 part. Some golfers describe it as the amount of presence of the clubhead’s weight as they swing. Swingweight is one reason why clubfitting is beneficial for every golfer. Golf clubs must be built with a weight that matches the golfer’s swing rhythm, timing and strength.

A golfer who swings with stronger force but uses a low swingweight will tend to struggle maintaining a comfortable swing and will eventually lead to off center hits. Likewise, a weaker golfer using greater swingweight will be uncomfortable using clubs that feels too heavy for him and will not yield to desired shots.

Swingweight, which is described with a combination of a letter and a number such as C3 and D4, serves as the golfer’s reference point as to how heavy or light the golf club personally feels. However, once the golfer has found the club which feels right for him, it does not necessarily follow that its swingweight is applicable for all clubs.

The swingweight of the driver used in one shaft will not feel the same when the driver is used in another shaft with different length. Therefore, changing the shaft weight of your club will require the golfer to undergo testing procedures to find the swingweight that matches. Experienced custom clubfitters may be consulted to find the best specifications that match each golfer’s need.

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Must-Have Golf Equipment for Beginners

It is important for beginning golfers to have the proper set of equipment. But, which among all the numerous, technology-infused golf equipment available in the market is really the proper one for a beginner. The following basic set of of golf equipment can serve a beginner just right.

Golf balls have plenty of models which golfers can choose from. Each golf ball has different characteristics that suits different golfers. Beginners can settle with the minimum requirement for golf balls. That is, a diameter of at least 1.68 inches. Golfers also use short pins where the ball is put at the start of every hole, called the golf tees. Men and women use different length of golf tees so it is important to get one that is right for you.

As beginners, you can consider purchasing used golf balls and tees to save on your first set of equipment. Remember that at this point, the development of your golf skills is more important over what equipment you are using.
Golf clubs are the most important tool in your set of equipment. A complete set usually consists of 14 clubs but beginners can initially get a partial set of clubs while training. Some choose clubs for rent to minimize expenses for equipment.

Even beginners will also need a golf bag. It will help you store and protect your equipment while playing, when traveling and in cases where you need to lodge. It is best to choose a sturdy one so it can serve you for many years.
When your basic set of equipment is ready, you can now head on to your favorite golf course and start enjoying the sport.

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Golf Putter by Ping Nome

Ping has been spending a huge amount of time researching putters, putter shapes, and ways in which to help golfers make better strokes. Brad Schweigert, the company’s Director of Engineering, says, “One common theme that arose through all our research was that people wanted something simpler in shape and something with a long sight line extending up to the leading edge of the putter to help them line up.”

The result of all this hard work is the Ping Nome Putter.

The Ping Nome Putter is quite possibly the best-looking mallet the company has ever produced. It features a black alignment bar contrasted with a white sightline running across the top, giving the golfer a good sight of his golf ball. “It is designed to be extremely forgiving, thanks to lightweight, high-grade aluminum frame boasting tungsten sole weighting that optimizes the Center of Gravity position and elevates the Moment of Inertia,” Schweigert explained.

The new equipment was instantly noticed in the golf world when Hunter Mahan used the club and won the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship, earlier in the PGA Tour season. Mahan recalls using the Ping Nome Putter: “It felt great immediately, and it gave me a lot of confidence, so I could just trust my aim and stroke the ball freely. Long putts, big-breaking putts, I felt like I could make just about any putt I looked at.”

The club is available in three different shaft bends and comes in several versions, including a standard 355-gram version and a belly version with USGA-approved adjustable shaft length, weighing 405 grams. The long version is set to be released this summer.

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