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Women’s British Open Called off Due To Strong Winds

The second round of the Women’s British Open was temporarily postponed due to strong gusty winds of about 60 mph that hit Royal Liverpool. The scores obtained earlier that day were proclaimed as null and void by the organizers themselves.

Suzann Petersen, a golf star from Norway said, “I think it’s only the right thing to do. The conditions were unreasonable. … I don’t think from the players’ perspective that there was any other outcome. It wasn’t just unfair conditions. It was unplayable.” Felicity Johnson from England had quintuple-bogey 9 early on while USA’s Cristie Kerr failed three times to putt in the 12th tee.

Ladies Golf Union Tournament Director Susan Simpson said, “The competitors began their round in extremely adverse weather conditions which subsequently worsened despite our belief that they would remain stable. It would have been unfair to those competitors not to declare play null and void and cancel all scores for the round in question.”

United States’ Michelle Wie said, “It was a long day for sure and waiting… Came to the course at 5 a.m. It was dark at that point and I was walking past the third hole and it was raining sideways. I’ve never seen conditions like that in my life. Got there, stopped raining, but the wind kept blowing and blowing and kept getting worse.”

Karen Stupples from England shared, “On the third, my ball started oscillating and it wouldn’t stop. It just sat there and just kept moving and I had to call for an official to come and figure out what the ruling was with that, and she said, `Hit it. Even if it’s oscillating, you can hit it.’ I’m like, `Really?’

The second round was rescheduled the following weekend with more playable forecast.

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Adam Scott Has Meltdown

The British Open was a tough experience for Adam Scott. For most of his game, he seemed to be in control of the situation, but things eventually took a turn for the worse.

With just four holes to go, Scott was leading the tournament by four strokes. The birdie he made on the 14th hole extended his lead but surprisingly, he shot a bogey on each of the last four holes. This unfortunate series of events gave Ernie Els his second British Open championship.

Scott may be comforted in knowing that other great players agreed that Royal Lytham and St. Anne’s was really a tough and difficult course. Tiger Woods even said that the venue was ‘almost not playable’ due to the sand and rough rings throughout the course. Woods, himself, had a triple bogey on his 6th hole, while Graeme McDowell also made a very bad shot on his 11th hole. Overall, though, some of the best golfers in the world made the ‘almost not playable’ golf course into ‘an excitingly playable’ one.

One of the rewards for the British Open championship that Scott missed out on was an invitation to the Masters tournament next year. But he is a gifted player, endowed with a superior golf swing, a cool temperament, and an excellent consistency in hitting golf balls. No doubt he will grab a major someday.

Adam Scott’s wins to date are a 2004 Players Championship, a 2006 Tour Championship and a 2011 World Gold Championship.

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Adam Scott Leads the Open Final Round by Four Shots


The final round of the British Open will be led by Adam Scott with four strokes. This must be his best chance for the long awaited major championship.

Scott had two key par saves early in the game and another three birdies which allowed him to pull away further. He finished the game with a score of 2-under 68. He shared, “It was all pretty solid stuff, considering the circumstances and how much trouble there is on this golf course.”

Many players believe that the biggest challenge in the next game is the weather. Wind is forecasted to gust up to 40 kph. “It will be in Adam’s hands tomorrow if the conditions are as straightforward as they have been the last few days. Throw a bit of wind across this course like perhaps they are forecasting, he will have to go and work a lot harder and he will have to go win it,” said Graeme McDowell who will be playing against Scott in the final group.
Scott won his first major World Golf Championship at Firestones last year after switching to the long putter early of 2011. He played a beautiful opening shot from the back of a wet sand bunker at the Royal Lytham & St. Annes putting it to a par from a distance of 8 feet. He made another par putt on the third hole with the same distance.

“To make a nice putt like that on the first and make par is obviously very settling. And then to do the same thing on 3, that’s been a hole that I haven’t parred this week. From there on, I was very settled into the round and started hitting fairways and greens,” he said.

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Travel First Class to the 2012 British Open in a Pullman Train

Train Chartering released 250 limited edition luxury Pullman trains for the 2012 British Open Golf Championship, much to the delight of golfers and fans. The golf travel packages, which included dining, transfer, course entry and other privileges, were offered to individuals and groups attending the popular and prestigious occasion. The event took place last July at the Royal Lytham & St Annes Course in the United Kingdom.

The luxury trains were the roomiest first class carriages. Each train car featured 42 armchair-style seats with full-size tables designed to provide a perfect ambiance for travel, entertainment and dining. Passengers enjoyed the best Pullman dining. They were served with an English breakfast while on their way to the event, and dinner, on their way back. Uniformed stewards served the passengers while experienced on-board kitchen chefs took charge of the food preparations.

The British Open 2012 train journey started from Rugby and passed through Birmingham International and Wolverhampton until it reached Blackpool North. A coach was then provided to transfer passengers to Royal Lytham.

Train Chartering has arranged special rail travel for huge sporting events like football, golf and rugby since 1998. They have successfully organized and provided charter trains and private carriages for individual and corporate clients, as well.

“There is simply no better way to enjoy the Open 2012; comfortable First Class travel in a private train, with at-seat Pullman dining, transfers, course entry ticket and more.” said Simon Pielow of Train Chartering.

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