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Tour Chief Wants the Same Equipment for All Golfers

Golf enthusiasts are still waiting from the governing bodies of the golf sport with regards to the use of long putters. Many are curious on what the final decision will be – whether the equipment will finally be banned or not.

However, European Tour Chief Executive George O’Grady has been vocal about his opinion saying, “Speaking personally on behalf of the Tour, one of our great facets is that we are connected to the game that every amateur can play as well. We could go separately. I would urge the Tour to follow the rules as laid down by the governing bodies.”

O’Grady is a prominent person in the world of golf and has been encouraging the pros not to take drastic actions even if the decision would not conform to their wishes. He also looks forward to see the professional golfers playing their games with the same rules and equipment, just how any other golfer does. O’Grady also admits that the year has been filled with lots of discussion between the concerned parties including the United States Golf Association (USGA), the Royal and Ancient Club (R&A), as well as the PGA Tour.

He also emphasized that the USGA and R&A, golf’s two rule-making bodies, have to do what they believe is right for the game. “The view of our leading members and our players must be listened to, but I haven’t heard one of our members want to break away at the moment. They want to be connected to the game,” he concluded.

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Webb Simpson, Prepared Even if Long Putters are Banned

webb simpson on long puttersAmerican golfer and long putter user Webb Simpson is not bothered at all about talks that the club will be prohibited though he is vocal of his disagreement about the issue. This US Open Champion is one of the three Major winners who use the controversial golf club. The governing bodies of golf, the USGA and R&A, are already in discussion on the clamor and consider all views about the matter.

Simpson has started playing using a short putter as a preparation for the possible change in the Rules of Golf. “There’s a bunch of arguments going around but I haven’t heard a good one yet. I’m friends with a lot of the R&A guys and the USGA guys. It’s nothing personal and I know they are trying to do it for the betterment of the game, but I don’t think it’s a good decision,” he said.

It was in 2004 when Simpson started using the belly putter but he strongly implies that there is no statistical basis that the use of such gives golfers more chances of winning. “Last year there was no one in the top 20 in strokes gained category that anchored a putter. So the argument of, ‘it’s an advantage’, you have to throw that out there. It’s going to be tough if they do ban it. It’s going to be tough for a lot of people, not just players. It’s going to be tough for committees to really have a stance on it and explain why,” he added.

Aside from Simpson, the other two Major winners who used the long putters are 2011 USPGA Champion Keegan Bradley, and 2012 Open winner Ernie Els.

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“Don’t ban long Putters,” says Adam Scott

adam scott on long puttersWorld number 6 Adam Scott speaks about issues on banning long putters and asked the governing bodies of golf to focus on the more relevant concerns in the sport. The use of long putters has become more popular among professional golfers and the clamor about using the club has also become stronger.

Scott became very bold and admitted speaking to George O’Grady, Chief Executive of the European Tour, that banning long putters would be unfair. “It is very hard to find a good reason to do that at this stage so my conversation was to find out where things sit because it is very hard to get information,” he said during an interview before the Singapore Open.

Critics of belly putter use believe that the club gives players advantage during a game. This is because securing the club in the golfer’s belly will bring more stability to the body, resulting to lesser body movements and swing errors compared to players using the short putters.

Scott believes that both USGA and R&A should look more carefully on setting limitations with other equipment designs. Modern golf equipment, he believes, allow golfers to hit the ball into very far distances which result to extended courses. “We certainly don’t need that sort of carry-on going on in the game of golf. I think it is all unwarranted, all of it, and there are more important things to worry about,” he said.

“I think that it is fairly well acknowledged that length generally is probably the biggest issue in the game and it doesn’t just mean how far pros hit it. Some of our courses, great courses are too short these days. If we are talking about equipment side of things the length issue is probably the most important because tees are moved back. Greens are not changed because people are putting with a long putter,” Scott added.

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