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New Golf Course for Uluru?

Proposed Golf Course in UluruThere is an existing proposal to open a new golf course at the Ayers Rock Resort in Uluru. The new golf course aims to attract more tourists and eventually, to boost employment in the area.

Voyages Indigenous Tourism Australia, the operator of the resort, already filed its application in the federal government. The proposal includes the provision of training and employment for the indigenous employees of the resort, for the building of the 28-hectare, 18-hole golf course. Currently, the resort has 170 indigenous employees and is expected to increase up to 350 employees by year 2018.

Koos Klein, Managing Director of Voyages, said, “There is not much to do there in the eye of many tourists other than visiting Uluru and Kata Tjuta [the Olgas], which for many of us should be enough, but we are talking here about the average tourist who is looking for things to do.” He also added that tourists need to visit the resort longer than the usual one-night stay to make it financially sustainable.

The site of the proposed golf course is 10 kilometers from Uluru, directly east of the resort and privately owned by Voyages. Local Communities and the Central Land Council will still be consulted even though the area does not contain any sacred site. The Department of Sustainability, Environment, Water, Population and Communities still has not made any final decision about the proposal.

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Jason Dufner Goes for the Win at Perth International

jason dufner at perth internationalThe American Jason Dufner wants to overcome his frustration in the Ryder Cup by going for the win at the Perth International in Lake Karrinyup, Australia.

Dufner cannot let go of what happened in the event at Medinah where he won three out of four points and worked with the American team to go on a 10-4 lead but eventually lost to the Europeans through José Maria Olazabal by just a single point.

“I often catch myself thinking about it. I think about what could I have done better? Where could I maybe have picked up another half a point? How could I have helped my teammates more? We were pretty close to winning that,” he recalls. “It’s been a tough couple of weeks since the Ryder Cup and the toughest thing about it is you’ve got to wait two years again until you can play again. That’s a long time for us.”

Dufner says that the best ways to recuperate is going back to the course and compete for this event which is co-sanctioned by the European and Australasian PGA Tours. It will also help him build his name more as he tries to become a more prominent global golfer.

“I think [that as] you experience different golf courses [and] different styles of play, [it] makes you better, [it] tests your game. This golf course is a lot different than what we see in the States. Same thing when I go to Asia, [it is] a lot different than what we see in the States. I think it makes you a better golfer,” Dufner added.

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