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Tour Chief Wants the Same Equipment for All Golfers

Golf enthusiasts are still waiting from the governing bodies of the golf sport with regards to the use of long putters. Many are curious on what the final decision will be – whether the equipment will finally be banned or not.

However, European Tour Chief Executive George O’Grady has been vocal about his opinion saying, “Speaking personally on behalf of the Tour, one of our great facets is that we are connected to the game that every amateur can play as well. We could go separately. I would urge the Tour to follow the rules as laid down by the governing bodies.”

O’Grady is a prominent person in the world of golf and has been encouraging the pros not to take drastic actions even if the decision would not conform to their wishes. He also looks forward to see the professional golfers playing their games with the same rules and equipment, just how any other golfer does. O’Grady also admits that the year has been filled with lots of discussion between the concerned parties including the United States Golf Association (USGA), the Royal and Ancient Club (R&A), as well as the PGA Tour.

He also emphasized that the USGA and R&A, golf’s two rule-making bodies, have to do what they believe is right for the game. “The view of our leading members and our players must be listened to, but I haven’t heard one of our members want to break away at the moment. They want to be connected to the game,” he concluded.

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Callaway Launches New Adjustable Driver

RAZR Fit XtremeJust 13 months after it launched its first adjustable driver, Callaway introduced its second one, the new RAZR Fit Xtreme! The newly released driver boasts of its construction and design with claim that the new product “will not be matched”.

Alan Hocknell, Callaway Senior Vice President of Research and Development, says that the new RAZR Fit Xtreme started peeking in the market piece-by-piece through a Twitter campaign. Its hashtag ‘#LongestDriverInGolf’ became a trending topic in about an hour.

The unique promotion technique exposed the new driver’s look and technology. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme carries the combination of Callaway technologies found in both the FT Tour and RAZR Hawk drivers but innovated with its adjustable hosel and weights technology.

The RAZR Fit Xtreme, which has been included in the list of USGA’s conforming drivers, allows golfers to adjust driver settings in two aspects: in face angle and weight placement. The face angle can be set to either open, square or closed while the weight placement can adjusted away from the center of gravity to improve ball flight. While the RAZR Fit comes with four lofts, the new RAZR Fit XtReme’s head design now comes with five lofts. Each loft allows the bulge radius to change giving golfers of different handicaps and speeds some flexibility.

“We worked tirelessly to improve on the best distance characteristics of our longest drivers and the result is incredibly fast ball speed, plus the lowest CG of any adjustable driver in golf,” Hocknell assured. The new RAZR Fit Xtreme can be grabbed in the market starting January 18, 2013 at around $400.

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The Right Golf Equipment for You

the right golf equipmentGolf is a sport that calls for precision and perfection. To achieve ultimate results, it is important to get the right golf equipment suited for the player. Choosing the right golf equipment will allow you to play and experience ultimately satisfying round of game. With all these in mind, don’t allow yourself to settle for anything less than perfectly fit golf equipment. But, the question that may pop out of your mind is… Which golf equipment is the right one for you?

First, let us discuss what is not. Getting the most expensive brand and model of golf equipment does not assure you of delivering the performance you need. Yes, it may be good but it may not be the best for you. It just doesn’t work that way. There are also cheaper brands that work as good as the famous brands.

Another misunderstanding about getting the right golf equipment is the principle that the more golf clubs there is, the more chances of winning. The important thing is focusing on what you need and getting the right one for you.

Before you can find the equipment best suited just for you, it is important to understand your body measurements, swing characteristics, and mode of playing. These factors will give you the specifications on what type of golf equipment you need. Understanding this information beforehand will prevent you from buying expensive golf equipment and find them useless later on. It will also not hurt you at all if you will go and seek out advice from professionals in golf outlets and online stores.

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Canadian Firm to Provide Cuba’s Golf Equipment Needs

Roma Caribbean Hotel and Restaurant Supply SA, through its president, Pat Pontiero, said that the company intends to supply golf equipment and technical assistance for the future golf courses of Cuba. By January 2013, the firm will have its office in Havana to support the increasing demands in the region.

The company’s main line of business includes providing equipment needs for hotels, bars, and restaurants. It is also one of the main distributors of kitchens, ovens, toasters, grinders and mixers, as well other kitchen equipment and tools in Cuba.

Roma Caribbean is also expanding their business in the public health sector as an upshot of the 18-year partnership with Cubanacan SA Hotel Group.

The Council of Ministers of Cuba, through its 206 Law Decree of 1996, stated that, individual companies or foreign entrepreneurs may establish offices in Cuba, to directly address their business relationships with companies and agencies.

Manuel Marrero, Cuba’s Minister of Tourism, announced in January 2012 that negotiations with foreign companies are being held for the establishment of four golf courses. These four golf courses are part of the projected 16 golf courses to be established to further promote and diversify the tourism industry in the country.
The golf courses are proposed to include housing and marina complexes, hotels and many other amenities. Roma Caribbean’s products are expected to support the growing needs of the customers.

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New GPS Watch by Bushnell

Bushnell, the company which initially became popular with binoculars, recently launched the new Neo+ GPS watch in line with their list of range finder products. The watch which costs around £159 was designed to meet the increasing demand of the golfers for a smaller and wearable GPS device.

The new Neo+ GPS watch is lightweight, user-friendly and small, even smaller than the hand-held GPS device available in the market. Any GPS device for golf purposes will be ineffective if it does not recognize the golf course you are in. This won’t be a problem with Bushnell’s new product since the Neo+ GPS watch is pre-loaded with 25,000 golf courses from the different parts of the globe. Specific watch features include providing golfers with precise yardages from all directions of the greens. It is also loaded with power that can last up to about 14 hours of use before needing a recharge.

Bushnell’s Product Director Terry Mears said, “Following the original Neo+ GPS, we wanted to provide consumers with another exceptional GPS option that would provide extra benefits at an affordable cost.” He also stated, “While we may be known for our dominant laser range finders, at Bushnell we pride ourselves on producing industry-leading products that will give golfers the ability to enhance their game. We know that the new Neo+ watch will be extremely popular.”

Bushnell is launching the new watch before the year ends, in time for the holiday season, which makes it a great option as a holiday gift for your golfer friends and relatives.

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The Golf World Welcomes A Better ECCO

Ecco Golf ShoesECCO already gave a glimpse of what customers can expect from the footwear giant, come 2013. Both men and women golfers are foreseen to be hollering once the new product line of this Danish golf shoes enters the market.

The newly introduced footwear is impressive, from its style to its quality and technicality. A newer and better ECCO, indeed! “Each year, our innovations set the bar even higher and gain ECCO legions of new fans worldwide who appreciate the unique comfort, performance and style characteristics of our shoes,” says Michael Waack, Ecco’s Head of Global Golf.

The men’s line comprise of the new Tour Hybrid model that features a classic style and spikeless soles. The shoes are built based from the company’s award-winning Street EDTS (ECCO Dynamic Traction System) outsole which is also found in the BIOM Hybrid line. Approximately 100 traction bars comprise the configuration of this patented shoe. More than 800 traction angles made from TPU gives better grip in both wet and dry conditions apart from being highly durable and water resistant.

The women’s line, on the other hand, features mixed styles, colors and technology. Both amateur and professional golfers are expected to enjoy and benefit from the modern features of the new ECCO shoes. The golf shoes are designed to maximize the performances of the golfers during the game while elevating their fashion sense in and out of the golf course.

Waack added, “Our golf business was initially built through the women’s market and 2013 marks a glorious return to these roots with a collection that is undoubtedly our strongest yet. Whether she is a traditional or fashion-forward dresser, no woman will have trouble finding her latest shoe obsession in this amazing collection.” Both the men’s and women’s collection will hit the global market by early January.

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Modern VRS Covert Driver by Nike Golf

VRS Covert Driver By Nike GolfNike Golf’s never-ending effort to provide its customers with innovative products is once again proven at the Global Innovation Summit held in Orlando, Florida. The event hosted by the company was filled with modern technology and innovative designs which have also become the talk-of-the-industry. Historically, Nike Golf is the first company that produced the high-speed cavity back drivers that conforms to the Rules of Golf.

Adding to the company’s long list of dependable products is the new VRS Covert driver, the design and engineering of which put the customers in awe. The new driver’s FlexLoft adjustability system allows the user to change lofts and face angles easily, at any time. This single driver can provide up to fifteen different options giving golfers wider chances of meeting their swing characteristics and needs.

The Global Golf Club Business Director of Nike Golf, Rob Arluna, boasts of their new product, saying, “With the VRS Covert, we have created a game changing piece of technology that has already begun a growing industry buzz. It is visually exciting, it feels and sounds amazing and, most importantly, it creates powerful results with a high degree of control. Golfers and our Nike Golf Tour athletes are going to have a lot of fun with this driver.”

The overall design of the new driver delivers more stability, higher energy, farther distance and greater control during and after impact. All these are aside from its visually pleasing and easy adjustment features. The VRS Covert driver will be available in golf stores by early 2013.

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PGA National Welcomes Modern Golf Course

The FazioThe Fazio golf course was officially opened last November 2 but the PGA National had its opening celebration the day before, November 1. The course was designed by the notable golf course designer, Tom Fazio II, the third generation of the Fazio family. The celebration was filled with activities like a welcome breakfast, messages from distinguished people and a golf day for the guests.

The new golf course’s 18 holes are a total transformation of The Haig which is a golf course constructed in 1980, designed by George and Tom Fazio. The Haig is also PGA National’s first golf course constructed in honor of the PGA Tour champion Walter Hagen.

Fazio II used modern technology in designing the par-72 course putting much attention into agronomics. The course also features the Celebration Bermuda grass in the 2.5-acre green surface and a total yardage of 7,000. The world-famous designer wanted to come out with a course well-suited and balanced for both high- and low-scoring players.

The renovation was the result of a six-year project and has attracted attention from all over the nation. Almost everything was renovated including the signature spa, the numerous guest rooms, as well as the bar and restaurant. PGA National’s Greens Director Lukus Harvey said that such design combines the traditional and modern golf course. He also tagged the project as “seminal”.

The vice president and managing director of the property Joel Paige said that the golf course’s rehabilitation made PGA National as of the grandest golf resort in the country.

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Spin Control Is What the New Cleveland Wedge Offers

cleveland golf's new wedgeHere is something new from Cleveland Golf. The newest wedge by Cleveland, the 588 RT XTM CB, offers the combined features of the original 588 line of wedges and Rotextm technology.

The superb performance of the 588 wedge fused with the forgiveness provided by the Rotextm technology make up the new 588 RT XTM CB. Rotextm is the most modern spin technology developed by Cleveland Golf.

Aside from these prominent features, the 588 RT XTM CB wedge also has grooves which is 16% larger among its class. The strictly defined manufacturing process allows its U-grooves to be larger than the Tour Zip Grooves. This enhancement gives better contact and maximum spin during hits.

The newest line of wedges is created from heavy-duty laser milling. The rougher surface of the wedge is sturdier and has better spacing to provide more friction during shots. Its face pattern is milled directionally to add more roughness which helps deliver the maximum spin after an impact.

The back of the wedge is designed with undercut cavity to enhance perimeter weighting that provides more forgiveness in case of a mishit. The reverse C sole of the wedge helps improve bunker and deep shots. Reverse C sole is the evenly spaced sole originally inspired by the CG14TM and CG16TM wedges, also by Cleveland Golf.

The 588 RT XT CB wedges are available in eight different lofts, from 46-degree to 60-degree loft angles. You can also find them in two colors, Satin Chrome and Black Pearl and cost around $119.99.

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Webb Simpson, Prepared Even if Long Putters are Banned

webb simpson on long puttersAmerican golfer and long putter user Webb Simpson is not bothered at all about talks that the club will be prohibited though he is vocal of his disagreement about the issue. This US Open Champion is one of the three Major winners who use the controversial golf club. The governing bodies of golf, the USGA and R&A, are already in discussion on the clamor and consider all views about the matter.

Simpson has started playing using a short putter as a preparation for the possible change in the Rules of Golf. “There’s a bunch of arguments going around but I haven’t heard a good one yet. I’m friends with a lot of the R&A guys and the USGA guys. It’s nothing personal and I know they are trying to do it for the betterment of the game, but I don’t think it’s a good decision,” he said.

It was in 2004 when Simpson started using the belly putter but he strongly implies that there is no statistical basis that the use of such gives golfers more chances of winning. “Last year there was no one in the top 20 in strokes gained category that anchored a putter. So the argument of, ‘it’s an advantage’, you have to throw that out there. It’s going to be tough if they do ban it. It’s going to be tough for a lot of people, not just players. It’s going to be tough for committees to really have a stance on it and explain why,” he added.

Aside from Simpson, the other two Major winners who used the long putters are 2011 USPGA Champion Keegan Bradley, and 2012 Open winner Ernie Els.

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