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Metal Age in the Golf World

metal golf clubsSanta Cruz, California has become a haven for golfers having several golf locations in town. You can find two golf courses, a mini golf course and another golf emporium in the county aside from the world renowned Pebbles Beach. These scenic spots and golf locations set the stage for competition over the use of the most advanced golf technology.

Carroll County Times mentioned in its April 2012 article that club manufacturers are focusing in restraining the golf club’s ‘moment of inertia’. The term ‘moment of inertia’ of a golf club is the measurement of its resistance during contact with the golf ball. Modern golf clubs are usually made of metals and help golfers to deliver swing shots of 2 to 4 miles per hour faster ball speed compared to using wooden golf clubs. Golf used wooden clubs since it started evolving in the 19th century. All female members of the UCSC golf team are currently using metal clubs. Metal clubs allow the golfers to hit the ball further and therefore brought forth tricky golf courses and longer fairways.

UCSC’s golf coach for women, Paulette Pera, remembered learning golf and played using wooden clubs. She said, “Because new technology makes play longer, they are building longer courses and tougher greens. Everyone had wood clubs when I started. When I switched from wood to metal clubs, I couldn’t get used to the new sound they made.”

Pera added that none of her team members has ever played using wooden golf clubs. She also said that her team required new equipment to become more competitive compared with other college teams. She admits that playing with metal clubs becomes a big advantage for a golfer.

Pasatiempo Golf Club assistant golf professional Matt Mackey said, “Technology has done a lot for the game in terms of amateur playability. The equipment and physical ability in the game today have both improved exponentially.”

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