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Top Golf Instructor Passes Away

jim flickJames Myron Flick, better known as Jim Flick, one of the pillars of the golf sport, passed away at age of 82 due to cancer. He was one of the top golf instructors in the United States and has taught many amateurs and professionals including Jack Nicklaus. His wife, Geri, shared that his husband loved to work and taught until October 8. She also mentioned that the pancreatic cancer and kidney problems his husband had was diagnosed just recently.

Flick spent 50 years in the golf industry and have taught numerous number of golf players. Very few people could have taught more students than he had. He was also known for his honest opinion about the new trends in golf technology including the properties of modern golf clubs and swing analyses.

He once said in 2010, “All the kids that come to see me today, that are going to other golf academies, they’re taught to turn their shoulders, clear their hips and make body movements, assuming the club head will show up at the right place and hit the right shot. And it doesn’t work that way. In my opinion, the priority is learning to use the club first. Then you train the body to be supportive of what you want the club to do.”

Aside from being Nicklaus’ instructor after Jack Grout, Flick also administered the Nicklaus-Flick Golf Schools from 1991 to 2003. It was a business both he and Nicklaus established together. He also administered golf schools by ESPN and Golf Digest. He was then recognized as one of the Top 10 Golf Teachers of the Century in 1999.

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