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Inbee Park Tops LPGA’s Taiwan Championship

Inbee ParkSouth Korean golfer Inbee Park secured the lead in the first round of the Taiwan Championship after scoring with a 7-under 65 with two strokes away from the local athlete, Yani Tseng. Seven holes of the Sunrise Golf and Country Club were all birdied by Park who is also the top-ranking candidate for the LPGA Tour Player of the Year. Tseng, the tournament’s defending champion, completed the first round with six birdies and one bogey.

Park has been landing in the top three of the past six consecutive tournaments she has been into. She won two of them that put her in the top spot of the tour money list. She shared that her improved skills and calm winds contributed to her victory. “We were expecting a lot of wind and I was prepared for it. But today it was really calm and a very nice day. Last year I wasn’t hitting the ball as solid as this year, and my ball-striking skills have improved.”

Tseng, however, garnered most of the audience’s attention, being the one of the few superstars in the country’s field of sports. “I know everyone is talking about the pressure this week. When I see all the fans, I think that pressure is gone because I know it doesn’t matter how I play, they’re still going to be there to give me 100 percent support,” Tseng said. She also admitted that bogeying hole number 10 made her a “little mad” in the course.

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