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The PGA Tour Wives Association

The PGA Tour Wives Association

The PTWA or the PGA Tour Wives Association will be marking its 25th founding anniversary in 2013. It is one of the most dynamic and valuable organizations in the world of golf.

Basically, all wives of tour players are involved in the association contributing their different backgrounds into the charitable activities. The organization has raised charity funds of over $5 million using the PGA Tour as a platform. This increases consciousness and responsiveness for worthy causes in the areas where their respective husbands participate with.

For this year alone, the PTWA hosted different events at the 16 tour destinations, most of which support children by providing their needs like weekend food. Their hearts go for children who may not get enough food to eat while away from school during weekends. Some other activity involvements are on domestic violence, human trafficking, construction of habitats, food pantries and healthy snack options for orphanages.

Sara Moores says, “When you see them interact with these kids, they are just so passionate and just get right into it.” Moores is the Executive Director of the PTWA and have been actively working with the organization since its foundation.

She added, “They are there because they want to be. They could be what their image out there could be, that is: ‘Well, I’m sure they just go out and shop.’ But, they are not. I see the true side of them, which is the side that is so giving and loving.” Moores is referring about the common connotation that Tour wives are just around to spend their husband’s moneys.

As the organization’s slogan says, “Giving Time to Others; Giving Back to Communities; Giving Through Golf”, it is precisely what they do and they are successful in doing so.

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