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The New Driver from Adams Golf

The New Driver from Adams Golf

The new Speedline Tech is the work output of Adams Golf’s hard working technicians who never stopped the pursuit of delivering better performing drivers.

This new line of golf driver is proud of its aerodynamic shape and uncomplicated adjustability features. It features the new face technology called 3DS and constructed from lightweight materials. All these features are brought together to give golfers a shot that is 54% more accurate and 11 yards farther distance.

The company’s Vice President of Research and Development, Tim Reed, shared that advanced construction methods were used to further refine the driver technologies. These methods were developed over long periods of research to be able to deliver the best performing driver suitable for golfers. Both professionals and beginners will surely enjoy the features of the new Speedline Tech drivers.

“It is easy for the golfer to make adjustments and find their perfect ball flight while achieving even higher swing speeds and more distance though our aerodynamic shaping,” said Reed. The shapes and curves of the clubhead are designed to cut through air faster for greater speed and shot distance. The ideal ball spin and launch are achieved through the club’s 3DS Face Technology.

The technology platform launched by Adams Golf garnered positive feedback from the laboratory professionals to aerodynamic experts and to players alike.

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