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The Market of Swingers

The Market of Swingers

Golf is becoming one of the most established and strong travel market over the past decade. This is proven by more emerging players coming from all over the world. The potential of business in relation to this sport keeps on growing and growing.

Peter Walton, the Chief Executive of the International Association of Golf Tour Operators confirmed by saying that countries from Eastern Europe, South East Asia and China, all lead the sport’s growth. He said, “In the 1990s because of Tiger Woods, and during the following decade, Sergio Garcia and the Australian Adam Scott, golf suddenly became cool and kids began to play. In the US alone in 1999, there was a 32 per cent rise in youth golf.”

Walton believes that more new players are set to join the ranks within the next five years. By 2020, one million more Chinese golfers are estimated to be playing while other countries like Thailand and Malaysia also contribute hundreds of thousands of golf players. Hong Kong, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cambodia, Taiwan, Indonesia and the Philippines also have their own healthy golf communities. All these, aside from the 15 million Japanese and 8 million Koreans make up the market of the swingers.

Golfers do spend money. Walton shared that an average golfer spends more than double of what an average tourist spends. The US Travel Association and National Golf Federation’s statistics show that only 12% of American adults play golf but they contribute 27% of the total travel spending of the country.

Now, what about in the Asian countries?

Golf Asian’s Mark Siegel reports that the figures in the Asian market perform even better. He said, “In Thailand, for example, they spend five times as much as the average tourist. We are seeing golfers spending $400 a day compared with about $70 for general tourists.”

With all these figures and more, we can expect a bright future for the golf industry in the years ahead.

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