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SV1 Speed Push Cart by Sun Mountain

SV1 Speed Push Cart by Sun Mountain

Golfers go around the course either by walking or riding in a cart. Walking can be a relaxing exercise and a chance to enjoy the sceneries and course architecture but may also be troublesome when you have your golf bag with you under the sun.

Though there is a caddie which is usually the golfer’s partner, many do not have one by their side. In such cases, a push cart may be used instead. Push carts for golfing has revolved in many ways. One of the best you can currently find is the SV1 Speed Cart made by Sun Mountain.

Old golf carts are pulled and made of bulky metals. They were heavy, require a lot of effort to fold, two-wheeled and unstable. Modern golf push carts like the SV1 has three-wheels. You will find using the SV1 easy, bearable and quite pleasant. The same goes even on warm sunny days.

The cart can be maneuvered easily and has good braking system. One of its features is the E-Z Latch system that indicates the ‘easy’ ways it can be folded and unfolded for transportation purposes. The cart’s large foam tires do not need regular maintenance at all. Umbrellas can be kept away using umbrella straps or used openly through an umbrella mount. The parking brakes ensure that your cart won’t roll away when not in use. Other accessories are also available including a tray that includes a retractable scorecard and storage compartments for more usability.

The SV1 Speed Cart is indeed a valuable and must have equipment.

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