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Hybrid Golf Shoes by GoBe Golf

Hybrid Golf Shoes by GoBe Golf

GoBe Golf releases its new line of golf shoes going along the modern trend. Spiky golf shoes are now moving towards hybrid styles, those that can be worn inside and outside the golf course.

GoBe Golf President, Joe Allen said, “We have a two-fold plan. An athletic-looking shoe …and a lifestyle shoe for on and off the course.” He also said that the sole can be distinguished as GoBe because of its five-point stars and striped tractions. The shoes are developed with a little added traction and more lateral traction. The outsole is offered with a two-year warranty which proves that consumers will not wear it out in few years.

Three different styles are offered for the men collection while the women has two. Styles for men have a suggested retail price of about $159 while the women’s cost around $139. The shoes will be available only through its website and high-end golf resorts and shops.

Allen added, “To me, to have a name that really meant nothing, that was fun. My partner and I, when we started the company, it was to have fun. Sell a lot of shoes in the morning and go play golf in the afternoon. I’m proud of what we’ve done. We’ve made a real nice shoe.” He simply implied what GoBe literally means, that is, “it means nothing”.

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