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Golfer was Shot after an Errant Strike in Nevada

Golfer was Shot after an Errant Strike in Nevada

One unidentified golfer in Reno, Nevada happened to get his ball hit Jeff Fleming’s house, a window in particular. Fleming’s home is situated at the course side of the Lakeridge Golf Course. Washoe county authorities reported that the 53-year-old man came out of his house flaunting a shotgun, headed the golf course and shot towards the direction of the two golfers near the 16th hole.

One of the golfers was hit which gives an insight that Fleming had an easy access to the greens and was able to go somewhere near the players. The wounded golfer who suffered from a minor injury was treated at the local hospital and released later on. However, the report from the police authorities does not show any clear indication as to whether the injured golfer was the same one who hit the ball or otherwise. Details were meagerly reported.

After the incident, the rest of the golfers evacuated the venue and called the day off probably as safety precautions following the well-known saying in golf that “a bad day of golfing is better than a good day of working”.

Fleming was represented by a lawyer and gave himself up to the police authorities. Charged with battery and assault using a deadly weapon, he was able to go out after posting a bail.

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