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Does Golf Technology Helps or Ruins the Game?

Does Golf Technology Helps or Ruins the Game?

Discussions about golf technology do not seem to stop in the past few years particularly as to whether technology enhanced golf equipment really help or ruin golf as a sport. This article is written to take a closer look on the good and bad sides of golf technology.

On the good side, technology enhanced golf equipment helps both the novice and professional golfers. It has become easier for a player to hit a ball to a farther distance thus enabling the weaker players to obtain better scores. The shape and weight of modern golf clubs also minimize errors and sometimes, they even ‘correct’ some errors incurred by the golfer.

Another positive attribute of golf technology is the style it projects. Fashionable titanium drivers, irons that are forged and weighted plus the intricately designed putters, all these bring added beauty and appeal to the eyes.

However, golf technology also has its downside. One is cost. Golf equipment nowadays isn’t cheap. A budding golfer with a tight budget will have difficulty affording a complete set of the latest drivers, irons and balls. Aside from the fact that new lines of equipment are launched by manufacturers almost every year.

It is also becoming an outcry that technology worsens the skills of the golfers. Modern equipment are designed to be more forgiving thus it sort of gives leeway for errors. These errors may no longer be observed and therefore, cannot be corrected.

Each side seems to be true and makes sense. One thing that needs emphasis is that, golf technology indeed helps but a good accurate shot is not produced by the equipment itself. Golfers need to keep working on their skills and work side by side with technology to achieve the best golfer that he can be.

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