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Counter Weighting Improves Putting

Counter WeightingClubfitting is a term most golfers think as the customization of driver, fairway wood, irons and hybrids. Little do golfers know that clubfitting can also apply to wedges and putters. These components are very important factors affecting the golfer’s score and the reasons why wedges and putters are also customized by professional clubfitters to meet the golfer’s particular needs.

Golfers must have good motor control skills to be able to putt well. Motor control is manifested through the ability to move and control the objects by the use of their hands in slower, repeated, consistent and precise movements. Their neuro-muscular ability gives them the power to do so.

Not everyone has good neuro-muscular ability. For golfers who do not possess such skill, this could be a problem. But, we must not let that difficulty prevent us from playing golf. The problem can be solved by adding a significant amount of weight at the grip end of the shaft, the process of which is called counter weighting.

Counter weighting is basically a fitting technique applied for putters where a heavy weight is applied into the grip of the putter shaft. Through the use of this weight, the golfer would feel the heavier weight enabling him to move in a consistent and repeated manner. The most common values used for counter weights are 60, 80 and 100 grams. Golfers who have used counter weighting were seen to have improved in their games by more than 80%.

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