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Chipped Digital Golf Clubs by Nike

Chipped Digital Golf Clubs by Nike

Nike has always wanted to make golfing easier by providing accurate information based on each golfer’s performance. Being the world’s largest manufacturer of sporting goods, the company spent huge amount of resources in the development and patenting the data collecting sensors for golf clubs.

Computer chip sensors with display screens are embedded at the back of the golf club heads. These sensors can analyze, interpret and display the data collected from the golfer’s swing shot. The data can then be used for a faster and more accurate fitting of golf clubs.

The rationale behind chipped golf clubs is the need for more accurate club fitting. They believe that the current custom fitting procedure is outdated and may be inaccurate. The use of computer chips will generate more precise information which can be bases for more effective club fitting.

The company also recently released a wristband capable of monitoring an athlete’s daily activity. Another data collection system was also patented in their favor. The system embeds data collection sensors and transmitters in shoes which can monitor the time and distance elapsed during a run or walk. The collected data may be forwarded to a mobile device or computer for further applications.

Nike believes that the technology will abolish the uncertainty committed by the traditional club fitting procedures. The trial and error then becomes a process of more accurate and technology aided digital analysis of golf performances.

Nike has been innovating sports equipment through by the use of digital technology. The increased time spent by the consumers with their brand brings increased loyalty and eventually, sales.

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