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What’s Up in Golf Technology?

What’s Up in Golf Technology?

Technology changed the many facets of our lives in a wonderful way. While it is true that technology has its downsides also, we can never deny the fact that we are living comfortably and enjoying life as we do, all because of the help of technology. The application of technology is just found everywhere and at anytime, including in the world of golf.

Golf technology has changed the way the golf games go, also wonderfully. It has helped players to stay on the competition longer than the previous generations. Both amateurs and professionals alike reap the benefits technology has conveyed into the golf world.

Golf club manufacturers found through research that a golf ball’s trajectory path can be tracked and examined using a launch monitor. As the ball is hit, the launch monitor observes its impact, it launch angle and up until it reaches the highest trajectory then until the ball hits the ground. The device was manufactured and made available to more golfers. It allows the players to have a scientific basis for the right combination and equipment specifications during club fitting. This technology allowed more golfers to come out with longer shots using drivers with bigger loft angles which is in contrary to what golfers believe in the past.

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