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Virtual Golfing

Virtual Golfing

Golf is a sport loved by many. It is also a sport that requires a good amount of money from equipment costs, green fees, membership fees, transportation costs, and the like. The good news is, there are now several ways to enjoy playing golf without having to neither leave your home nor be a member of any golf course. The answer is, virtual golfing.

Playing golf virtually is now possible through the use of apps. Numerous mobile applications can now be used to play golf when waiting or riding a train or bus. Though the mobile apps in mobile phones or tablets are not as powerful and as detailed as what you have installed in your desktop computer, its format and features come in no way less than the other. The touch screen interface of your mobile device allows you to virtually hit the ball by swiping the screen.

Many computer games found in the market also allow you to play golf at home through the use of game consoles or PCs. If you happen to find a computer software game entitled Tiger Woods, it is more likely a golf game itself.

Wii-Mote allows you to play golf by swinging the remote and using the motion sensor to pick things up. Its shape is designed like a stick to mimic playing with the use of a golf club. Another way is through the use of Kinect. Its motion capture capability is more impressive than Wii though the latter gives you the feel of using a golf club when playing. Another downside of using Kinect is its limited version of games compared to the several you can find for Wii.

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