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The Smaller and Lighter Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder

The Smaller and Lighter Bushnell Tour Z6 Rangefinder

Rangefinders made by Bushnell are no doubt the best you can find so there is no need to look for another brand. But, what about comparing a Bushnell to another Bushnell rangefinder?

Comparing the Bushnell Pro1M to Bushnell Tour Z6, the latter is definitely smaller and lighter. You will surely be a big fan of the Tour Z6 as soon you hold one at the palm of your hands. Smaller and lighter rangefinders indeed are comfortable to use and so handy that you can aim for a flagstick using one hand. The graphic display is also eye catching with nice white finish and can catch a flag within 450 yard distance.
Aside from its aesthetic features, the device’s performance is also worth noting. The Bushnell Tour Z6 rangefinder offers magnification of views as you get closer to the flag. It features magnification that increases in decimal places as the flags draw near. The display can also be zoomed up to six times giving the golfer different views at different yardages.

Bushnell rangefinders indeed help golfers easily hit the flags even if it doesn’t have a reflector on it. If in case the flag do have a reflector, it is even much faster and simpler for the rangefinder to do its work. The device is also designed to be used in a tough environment. Some had it bounced and fall but hardly gets scratches. The lenses are coated to prevent scratches and to maintain clarity of views. The device can easily be put in your golf cart’s cupholder or even in your back pocket.

Isn’t a Bushnell rangefinder impressive?

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