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Puremotion Golf Shoes by Adidas

Puremotion Golf Shoes by Adidas

Golf shoe companies keep on finding ways to come up with innovative line of shoes that will entice consumers to choose them compared to their competitors. This is but natural in the business world. Research and development goes on and on. Adidas is no exception to this.

Adidas has always been concerned about golfers’ feet. They keep on coming out with new ideas on how to provide the best experience during golf games. Golf shoes with spikes then seem to have solved everything. As if, you can no longer ask for more until Adidas launched the Puremotion golf shoes.

Inspired by barefoot training, the bottom part of Puremotion looks like toe-shoes used in gyms or hiking trails. Ideal golf shoes are those that allow the feet and the ground to blend together, and that exactly is what Puremotion does.

Golfers walk, stands in striking position and hit balls for several hours, most of the time under the heat of the sun. It is discomforting if the feet won’t get some air for such a long period of time. Puremotion is the breathable and comfortable golf shoes. They are also lightweight and comfortable whether in greens, fairways or bunkers. The bottom part looks spikeless but works perfectly just how spiky shoes do. There will surely be no slipping or sliding feel during swings or even at wet courses.

The best thing is, it is waterproof. You won’t have to worry about your feet getting wet when rain suddenly pours while you are in the middle of the course.

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