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New Golf Equipment Line by Medicus

New Golf Equipment Line by Medicus

Medicus, a Brunswick-based golf company, releases its new line of golf clubs and equipment with the carrier name Kick X.

Bob Koch, the brain behind the Medicus dual-hinged training clubs, believes that their new line of products can compete with the established golf brands like Titleist, Nike, Callaway and Ping. Kick X features golf equipment including balls, drivers, irons and hybrid clubs that are said to be breakthroughs in golf technology.

The Kick X clubs are manufactured using materials that will give golfers better performance and control. Its impact draws the golf ball to more accurate and farther distances.

Their products, however, will not be sold in retail shops but may be ordered online. “We’re going to give people the opportunity to buy at reasonable prices and be part of the program. We’re going to go after them, and our business model is how we’re going to do it,” Koch said.

The initial review and feedback about the new line has been affirmative of what the company aims it to be. Golf professionals also gave positive feedback about it. Professional golfer Bruce Fleisher is already using golf balls and irons by Kick X and is the brand’s spokesperson.

Despite the keenness, going in all-out competition with bigger manufacturers is still a dream. “That’s like saying ‘Let’s start a chain and compete with Wal-Mart. Let’s go after Google!’ We’re going after the biggest companies in the world of golf industry. We’re giving a brand new line that people can choose… … and so far, the results are just off-the-charts,” says Medicus’ Vice President for Marketing, Jerry Miller.

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