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More Ideas about Your Golf Travel Bag Covers

More Ideas about Your Golf Travel Bag Covers

Golf travel bag cover is usually one of the most important yet forgotten among golf accessories. They started out as basic plastic covers with hole provisions to fill the strap of your bag during carriage. But such doesn’t serve the purpose of protecting your golf equipment against dirt, rain or even damage. So, golf travel bag covers have evolved into various options and design nowadays.

In choosing your golf travel bag cover, consider what type of protection you want to provide your equipment and the convenience it brings. Most models now come with wheels to help you transport your golf equipment. The very best protection you can find are those with hard side covers. The disadvantage though is its weight and bulkiness. The size and inflexibility usually require space which can be a problem during travels requiring car rentals.

One good brand of golf travel bag cover available in the market is the Club Glove. They have several models to choose from all, of which come with sturdy wheels. The base is a hard sided part while a very tough fabric assembles the top portion. The cover is also collapsible when the golf clubs are not in for easy storage and fitting small spaces.

Sure enough, there may be other available brands but Club Glove would be a good benchmark during purchase.

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