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McIlroy’s Sources of More Potentials Unleashed

McIlroy’s Sources of More Potentials Unleashed

When Rory McIlroy won the 2011 US Open by eight strokes, he was tagged as the next big thing in the golf world. This was something to reckon with especially in the sport dominated by Tiger Woods. But then it suddenly became, “Oops!”

The 23-year-old well-liked young man suddenly had a series of terrible performances at major events plus experiences of almost winning games but ended up collapsing. Irritability became obvious when issues about his relationship with the equally well-known tennis player Caroline Wozniacki were put on the limelight.

All these made Rory reflect about himself and realized that he lost his discipline in practice and physical workout in the earlier part of the year. He happened to be derailed by the distractions and endorsement opportunities that went his way after winning his first major. Now, he is more focused and working harder to achieve his goals.

Back on the right track, even more potential is seen in the life and career of Rory. He is advised to continue practicing despite all the great shots he has done in history. Tiger was and is number one because no one practices as hard as him. Commitment to the sport must also increase to a higher level since it leads golfers to more winnings.

Rory must also maintain his boy-next-door charm that connects to both media and fans. He can sign more autographs and smile while waving at them. Discipline and character must always be at the highest level not just for golfers but to all athletes. Fame, money and fortune must not hold any champion’s heart but he must remain as the warm-hearted Rory that he is.

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