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Golfers Gain With New Golf Clubs

Golfers Gain With New Golf Clubs

Technology has greatly influenced the way golf equipment is designed and manufactured. Golf clubs nowadays have superb characteristics.

As what senior Iowa Men’s Golfer, Steve Ihm, said, “My driver has more than 100 different settings on it. I can do things like add or remove weights or change the loft. There really isn’t a single thing that you can’t change.”

Golf clubs are no longer the same as they were. Drivers now have several options which golfers can choose from to help them achieve the distances they aim for. Different weights can be fastened into the club to meet the desired output. Loft angles can be adjusted to affect the ball as wanted. Driver heads are using the principles of aerodynamics to boost club speed and go against wind resistances.

Jeff Moore, Finkbine’s Director of Golf, said, “Clubs changed more in the late-90s and early 2000s than they have in recent years. With the way that clubs can be adjusted, someone who doesn’t hit certain clubs as well can make changes so they can hit them better.”

Since new lines of equipment are released every now and then, golfers also tend to change equipment often. Hawkeye Ian Vandersee changes wedges twice-, and irons once in a year since he wears them down quickly. Even then, he doesn’t get any trouble adjusting his swing to the new equipment. “I don’t think that people understand how incredible golf technology is. There are engineers working on clubs to get the specifications down to a ‘T.’ Any player can get exactly what he wants in a club,” he said.

Indeed, the Iowa Men’s Golf players seem to have the right clubs they need to achieve their best potentials.

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