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Fourteen Golf’s RM-11 Wedges

Fourteen Golf’s RM-11 Wedges

Fourteen Golf is a budding golf equipment company many golfers may not be familiar of. But, a small company that it is strives hard as it rises in the industry. The company is known for manufacturing well-designed and good quality irons and wedges. Golf professionals Ryuji Imada and Arjun Atwal recently signed equipment deals with them.

The company’s new wedge, the RM-11, proves their continuing tradition of producing clubs with innovative designs to help golfers gain better scores. They developed grooves which have areas in trapezoidal shape and are 15% larger than standard V-grooves. All new specifications conform and abide to the USGA Regulations.

The shapes of the clubheads also have slight variations depending on its loft angle. The loft angles vary from 48 to 60 degrees and bounces between 6 to 12 degrees. The shape becomes more compressed from heel to toe as the loft angle increases. The increased loft provides increased control allowing the player to easily hit the right spot even at shorter swings.

There are lots of clubs and wedges available in the market to choose from. Many of which are manufactured by the big names of golf equipment companies. However, the product lines of Fourteen Golf are no less quality than the others. This is something that has been tested and one can vouch his name for.

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