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Does Golf Technology Really Help Minors to Win a Major?

Does Golf Technology Really Help Minors to Win a Major?

Discussions are recently ongoing about the effects of golf technology among players and the sport in general. It is observed that as modern technology revolutionizes the quality and performance of golf equipment, particularly golf clubs and balls, the equipment greatly help golf players achieve a major title.

Golf clubs are more controlled and powerful delivering greater precision and performance while golf balls endure different weather conditions and go further than they used to. The change seems to be very positive but it has changed sport.

Though nothing seems to be wrong about technology but the question being asked is, are the golfers really excellent in their golf skills or was it the technology that have taken over the sport? The scores players deliver now become a question of skills and performance versus applied technology.

The performance of golfers nowadays is not as competitive as it was 20 years ago. Many people before devoted themselves in the sport but few have mastered and delivered great performances but now, technology matches up with players’ inabilities.

Golf equipment is now adjusted and customized to meet the players’ needs and requirements thus giving the golfer an edge during a game. It is worth noting that the last 16 majors held turned out with 16 different winners. Many concerns were raised regarding the matter but everything is still on the discussion table. Some jestingly thinks that time may come that robots will be on their way to play golf. We all can just wait and see what the conclusion would turn out to be.

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