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Are Club Lengths Relative to the Golfers’ Heights?

Are Club Lengths Relative to the Golfers’ Heights?

When golfers purchase golf equipment, they always make assumptions that the club they are buying will work right for them. The height of the club length is estimated to work with the golfer’s physique. Many people believe that golfers need clubs proportionate to their height. That is, longer clubs are ideal for tall golfers while shorter clubs for shorter people.

This however does not always hold true. It doesn’t apply at all times. We know that there are people whose physique isn’t in proportion like tall people having long arms than average and there are also short people whose arms are just of normal lengths.

Club lengths are determined through the combination of the golfer’s height and arm length. One’s posture is another consideration when choosing the club length. Some stands in erect posture while others are more bent. The golfer’s swing characteristics also need evaluation. The player must stand comfortable when hitting the golf ball to avoid injuries or any physical damages.

The best club length therefore is the longest length of the golf club that golfers can consistently control and hit at the center. It must be long enough to prevent the golfer from excessive crouching but must not be too long to affect the consistency of his strikes. Only experienced custom clubfitters can help you find the perfect club with the right balance for every golfer’s specifications. Clubfitting works best for these purposes.

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