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The Beauty of Miura Golf’s SIT-460 Driver

The Beauty of Miura Golf’s SIT-460 Driver

One of the best known manufacturers of golf equipment is the Miura Golf founded by the legendary club maker Katsuhiro Miura. The company was best known for its individually forged irons since the Miura family started out in the samurai sword-making business. Their product offerings have expanded over the course of time including irons, wedges and hybrids, all of which are still forged.

Miura Golf unveiled its latest addition to its product lines, the SIT-460 driver which is an all-titanium, two-piece driver head that stands longer but significantly smaller among its competing brands. It features a deeper or taller clubface making it appear more compact but feels heavier when addressed. The heavy feel is ideal for players who lose the feel where the clubhead is during a backswing. The club’s swingweight, however, can be adjusted by a trained Miura club fitter according to the player’s preferences.

The downside of the Miura Golf’s SIT-460 driver however is its cost. Amounting to around $595, many golfers would easily let go off the product to choose a cheaper brand. Another limitation is the product’s available versions. The company is only producing drivers at 9 and 10.5 degrees and for right handed version. Remember that, the company started out manufacturing samurais which are also prohibited for left-handed fighters.

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