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Rod Laver Speaks of Carlsbad’s Golf Havens

Rod Laver Speaks of Carlsbad’s Golf Havens

Rod Laver, a 73-year-old native of Australia speaks of what Carlsbad, California can offer when it comes to golf vacations. Being a resident of the town for more than 12 years now and a member of La Costa Resort and Spa, he proudly says that he has been playing more golf lately than tennis. This year is the 50th year anniversary of Laver’s two tennis grand slams but arthritis in the wrist prevents him from grabbing a tennis racket these days.

Laver used to play tennis in the La Costa Resort and Spa long before he began looking into golf seriously. “I didn’t play much golf when I was competing. I never did try to combine both. But I’m fairly fortunate. I played tennis left-handed, and I play golf right-handed. It’s almost like my hitting a backhand,” he said.

Laver described La Costa’s two courses as great and enjoyable whether playing tennis or golf. The greens were refurbished and have become more challenging with creative bunkers, ponds and elevated greens. The Aviara Golf Course, which is located just across La Costa, also has an excellent course layout and scenic views adjacent to the ocean and the Bataquitos Lagoon.

Also highly recommended by Laver is the Torrey Pines Golf Course in La Jolla. It is where the 2008 US Open was held describing the facility as great. Dining and lodging is never a problem during a golf vacation in this part of California. Food is served excellently by prominent restaurants specializing in different cuisines while all courses have excellent hotels that are ready to serve visitors from all over the world.

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