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Must-Have Golf Equipment for Beginners

Must-Have Golf Equipment for Beginners

It is important for beginning golfers to have the proper set of equipment. But, which among all the numerous, technology-infused golf equipment available in the market is really the proper one for a beginner. The following basic set of of golf equipment can serve a beginner just right.

Golf balls have plenty of models which golfers can choose from. Each golf ball has different characteristics that suits different golfers. Beginners can settle with the minimum requirement for golf balls. That is, a diameter of at least 1.68 inches. Golfers also use short pins where the ball is put at the start of every hole, called the golf tees. Men and women use different length of golf tees so it is important to get one that is right for you.

As beginners, you can consider purchasing used golf balls and tees to save on your first set of equipment. Remember that at this point, the development of your golf skills is more important over what equipment you are using.
Golf clubs are the most important tool in your set of equipment. A complete set usually consists of 14 clubs but beginners can initially get a partial set of clubs while training. Some choose clubs for rent to minimize expenses for equipment.

Even beginners will also need a golf bag. It will help you store and protect your equipment while playing, when traveling and in cases where you need to lodge. It is best to choose a sturdy one so it can serve you for many years.
When your basic set of equipment is ready, you can now head on to your favorite golf course and start enjoying the sport.

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