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Most Costly Golf Equipment You Can Find

Most Costly Golf Equipment You Can Find

Many people think of golf as an expensive hobby and the sport of the wealthy and powerful. For the benefit of all the avid golfers willing to spend good money on the sport, here is some of the most expensive golf equipment you can find on the market.

Callaway, Titleist, TaylorMade, and Mizuno are established club manufacturers. But even the most expensive of their product lines do not match HONMA’s Five Star custom fitted clubs. Manufactured in Japan, the club set is made of platinum and gold, just as you might expect from the $32,000 price tag. Using these ultra-expensive clubs puts you in an elite group with Donald Trump and Jack Nicholson.

You might also consider purchasing an Odyssey diamond-encrusted putter to add style and distinction to your set of golf clubs. It costs about $161,000, and the head is made of white gold, adorned with hundreds of rubies and diamonds. The most expensive golf ball you can buy is the Dixon Fire eco-golf ball, costing around $75 per dozen. It is far more costly than the new Nike 20Xi or even the Titleist ProV1 ball.

If you want to look your best the moment you step on the greens, get a pair of John Lobb golf shoes. These shoes are personally designed for you from your choice of a wide variety of materials. Though you might have to wait six months for a pair, the time and expense are worth it since you will be wearing shoes that nobody else in the world owns.

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