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Just What Swingweight is All About

Just What Swingweight is All About

Swingweight is not a measure of your golf club’s weight in grams or pounds. Technically, it is the ratio of the weight of the club’s lower 2/3 part to its upper 1/3 part. Some golfers describe it as the amount of presence of the clubhead’s weight as they swing. Swingweight is one reason why clubfitting is beneficial for every golfer. Golf clubs must be built with a weight that matches the golfer’s swing rhythm, timing and strength.

A golfer who swings with stronger force but uses a low swingweight will tend to struggle maintaining a comfortable swing and will eventually lead to off center hits. Likewise, a weaker golfer using greater swingweight will be uncomfortable using clubs that feels too heavy for him and will not yield to desired shots.

Swingweight, which is described with a combination of a letter and a number such as C3 and D4, serves as the golfer’s reference point as to how heavy or light the golf club personally feels. However, once the golfer has found the club which feels right for him, it does not necessarily follow that its swingweight is applicable for all clubs.

The swingweight of the driver used in one shaft will not feel the same when the driver is used in another shaft with different length. Therefore, changing the shaft weight of your club will require the golfer to undergo testing procedures to find the swingweight that matches. Experienced custom clubfitters may be consulted to find the best specifications that match each golfer’s need.

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